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Perfectly working machine...gone wrong. Help!


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Everything has been working just fine, perfect install, everything (for about 2 months), then 2 days ago OS X wouldnt boot past the gray screen. I have tried a -v boot, a -x boot, even a -s boot, but nothing works! I managed to write down some errors when booting up in -v.


SystemStarter) tfp: failed on 0:

SystemStarter) tfp: failed on 0:

SystemStarter) tfp: failed on 0:


that happens, then theres one like this:



SystemStarter[48]: Waiting for Apache web server


that will go on and on for a minute or so, then this will come up:


ControlTransaction: control packet 1 error 0xe0004057



also when booting in -s mode ive gotten this:


Failed requirement/uses: Disks

Failed requirement/uses: NFS



Please help! I can take a pic of it if need be but i need to get it working.... thanks!



Mac OS X 10.4.6 HOTISO w/ 10.4.7 JaS update

on a Sony PCG-GRT290Z

SiS 648 chipset

Intel SSE, SSE2

Sound working!

Internet working!

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