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Asus P5B-E Plus - successful installation (All work without DSDT)


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Hello everyone,


I'd like to share with you how Mountain Lion (ML) was successfully installed on my Asus P5B-E Plus.


First of all I want to say what is working and how:

  1. Sleep - out of the box
  2. Ethernet (Marvell® PCI-E Gigabit/ LAN controller featuring AI NET 2) via kext
  3. Video Card (VC) GeForce GT 220 - via Graphic Enabler
  4. Sound (ADI® AD1988A 8 -Channel High Definition Audio CODEC) via corrected Voodoo HDA
  5. HDD partitioning - GUID works out the box or MBR with couple changes or using prepared image of ML.

Bios Config (please make sure you have the last available BIOS update):

AHCI must be enabled



Mountain Lion 8.x from AppStore. If you are going to use native Operation System (OS) you should to prepare a GUID partition first, USB keyboard and USB mouse or to download and include into your own "build" several additional drivers for PS/2 devises and/or edited MAC OS X boot image for installation on MBR partition.



MB: Asus P5B-E Plus

CPU: Core 2 Duo

RAM: 3Gb (2*1Gb+2*0.5Gb)

VC: GeForce GT220 (will check later exact model)

HDD: 3TB Seagate Barracuda



Installation process:

There are a lot of options how ML OS can be installed (google helps :wink2: ) and I just want to draw yor attention to several post-installation procedures. I hope you successfully installed MAC ML OS X on your PC and now ready to go.


If you've got an issue with "PCI Configuration begin" and you PC suddenly hanged up during loading up process do not worry its easy to fix. Just follow this instruction and it should help:


add <key>Kernel Flags</key>


into com.apple.Boot.plist in L/P/S



After installation is complete you have several not working or hardly-working components :wallbash: (but its Ok at this stage :angel_not: ):

  1. Ethernet
  2. Sound
  3. Video

Lets fix it one by one.


1. To get a fully worked Ethernet you should to download the Marvell88E8056.kext (its attached) and put it into your Extra folder where I hope you already have FakeSMS kext. Then run Kext utility (its a software for kext installation). Reboot and then you will have your Ethernet in working condition.


2. Install Voodoo HDA (attached zipped file named 2746-VoodooHDA-v2.7.4 and change one file named VoodooHDA.kext into S/L/A folder

after installation. If its requested run kext utility again.


Here will be an short info on how to correct the file but even vith original file you have a chance to have a sound but from other side you have a chance to have a KP (kernel panic) as well.



The instruction:

edit Info.plist, replace the key IOPCIClassMatch by IOPCIPrimaryMatch and put the PCI ID of your audio card in the string.








How to find device and vendor ID

For more info http://olarila.com/f...c.php?f=18&t=63


3. Enable injector in your plist.

Create the file named org.chameleon.Boot.plist into your Extra folder and add there




Enjoy of your new installation of Mountain Lion.





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