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  1. SOLVED!!!!!! Wow lots of answers! Answering my question: I have found external card reader which is working OOB on El Capitan and it is Kingston MobileLite G4 USB 3.0
  2. Hi everyone, Since my last upgrade from previous version of Mac OS X to El Capitan I have faced with one issue - my external SD card reader stopped working. And yes I have googled for the reason and found that developers made several vital changes in the OS code and bla bla bla... And my question is anyone has OOB working SD card reader on your El Capitan handmade hackintosh? Surfing the web I have found an article called "How To Make a Generic Driver For Any Card Reader" explaining on how to make working most of the external card readers on Mac and followed all described steps. Now I have my 5in1 SD card reader working but from time to time it suddenly loosing connection this is why I am looking for something better natively supported by this OS. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone, I'd like to share with you how Mountain Lion (ML) was successfully installed on my Asus P5B-E Plus. First of all I want to say what is working and how: Sleep - out of the box Ethernet (Marvell® PCI-E Gigabit/ LAN controller featuring AI NET 2) via kext Video Card (VC) GeForce GT 220 - via Graphic Enabler Sound (ADI® AD1988A 8 -Channel High Definition Audio CODEC) via corrected Voodoo HDA HDD partitioning - GUID works out the box or MBR with couple changes or using prepared image of ML. Bios Config (please make sure you have the last available BIOS update): AHCI must be enabled Software: Mountain Lion 8.x from AppStore. If you are going to use native Operation System (OS) you should to prepare a GUID partition first, USB keyboard and USB mouse or to download and include into your own "build" several additional drivers for PS/2 devises and/or edited MAC OS X boot image for installation on MBR partition. Hardware: MB: Asus P5B-E Plus CPU: Core 2 Duo RAM: 3Gb (2*1Gb+2*0.5Gb) VC: GeForce GT220 (will check later exact model) HDD: 3TB Seagate Barracuda Installation process: There are a lot of options how ML OS can be installed (google helps :wink2: ) and I just want to draw yor attention to several post-installation procedures. I hope you successfully installed MAC ML OS X on your PC and now ready to go. If you've got an issue with "PCI Configuration begin" and you PC suddenly hanged up during loading up process do not worry its easy to fix. Just follow this instruction and it should help: add <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>npci=0x2000</string> into com.apple.Boot.plist in L/P/S After installation is complete you have several not working or hardly-working components (but its Ok at this stage ): Ethernet Sound Video Lets fix it one by one. 1. To get a fully worked Ethernet you should to download the Marvell88E8056.kext (its attached) and put it into your Extra folder where I hope you already have FakeSMS kext. Then run Kext utility (its a software for kext installation). Reboot and then you will have your Ethernet in working condition. 2. Install Voodoo HDA (attached zipped file named 2746-VoodooHDA-v2.7.4 and change one file named VoodooHDA.kext into S/L/A folder after installation. If its requested run kext utility again. Here will be an short info on how to correct the file but even vith original file you have a chance to have a sound but from other side you have a chance to have a KP (kernel panic) as well. The instruction: edit Info.plist, replace the key IOPCIClassMatch by IOPCIPrimaryMatch and put the PCI ID of your audio card in the string.
 Before <key>IOPCIClassMatch</key>
After key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key>

 How to find device and vendor ID For more info http://olarila.com/f...c.php?f=18&t=63 3. Enable injector in your plist. Create the file named org.chameleon.Boot.plist into your Extra folder and add there <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> Enjoy of your new installation of Mountain Lion. Extensions.zip 2746-VoodooHDA-v2.7.4.zip VoodooHDA.kext.zip Chameleon-2.1svn-r2050.pkg.zip
  4. Asus P5B-E Plus success!

    Since my last post I have purchased new GeForce GT 220 and bought a new CPU C2D 2.93GHz E7500. Also I've made DSDT.aml. There are only necessary fixes (no graphic card no sound no USBfix). dsdt.aml.zip But I get KP every time on my Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.3 installation. I went through 1-4 steps and got stuck on 5th. I have used flags -x -v -x32 cpus=1 in various combinations but there is no result except KP. I have fakesmc / NullCPUPowerManagement / OpenHaltRestart / SleepEnabler / OAHCIBlockStorageInjector kexts in /Extra/Extensions and DSDT.aml in /Extra directory. Maybe I missed something important?
  5. I also have a DV7 with Ati Radeon HD 4530. Unfortunately I do not have a model number because it is not written on it. Ati Radeon HD 4530 works well without QE via RadeonHD.kext. Resolution is 1600x900 according to Display menu but I suppose that the real one is 1440x900. RadeonHD.kext.zip If you want to use it, remove any Radeon kexts and injectors... USB speed is very low when I'm trying to copy files on my PQI U339XT 32Gb USB Flash Drive. For example it takes over 4 hours to make a copy of 8Gb. BTW I'm using iAtkos v7 (10.5.7).
  6. HD 4530 Issue

    EtHeO18 thanks for a kext it works under 10.5.7 on My HP DV7 and I'm searching for method how to add Quartz Extreme...
  7. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 With Snow Leopard

    I found an answer on netkas' blog in the post #42: But below in the post #98 is written: Asus EAH 4650 works perfectly!!! It is also ATI Radeon mobile card. Here is the quotation: I gonna try it with my HD 4530...
  8. Printer Canon LBP 2900

    My Printer Canon LBP 2900 was working fine under OS X 10.5.x for several month. But it doesn't work under 10.6.3 and I have no idea how to fix it. I have tried this solution with different CAPT files and mxcapt170.dmg but no result:
  9. Now I have working GeForce GT 220 under OS X Leopard 10.5.8. Instructions and kexts you can find here. I have used Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg and NVIDIA Retail Mac Driver Installer 18.5.2f16.mpkg and my GeForce works well now.
  10. TimeMachine fails backup

    If you did this: and this: and there is no result, try this: get your IONetworkingFamily.kext back and restore network settings. Your Ethernet should be renamed automatically as en0 after you moved old NetworkInterfaces.plist into Trash and restart your PC. If your en0 Ethernet is working well you can fix your Time Machine: download EFIStudio run it and add device Ethernet then write it in the com.apple.Boot.plist (there is the button) reboot and enjoy
  11. 6600GT on Snow Leopard?

    Finally I have made an upgrade and bought GeForce GT220 and it works fine on SL 10.6.3 via strings.
  12. Тоже долго мучался с видюхой (был у меня GeForce 6600GT) на 10.5.х работала отлично, на 10.6.х - отказалась. Купил в итоге 220ю и чрез стринги заставил ее работать.
  13. I think this information will be helpful for someone. I had Asus GeForce 6600GT 128Mb Silent installed on my PC and it was working fine (EFI strings) for several month under 10.5.6 and 10.5.8. Also I have a Benq FP93VW and native resolution for it is 1440x900. But after Snow installation my Geforce said "I don't want to work anymore!". So I have bought a Palit GeForce GT220 1Gb DDR3 for 77$. It is working now with 1440x900 resolution, thanks to EFIStudio (I have used settings for GTX 285), but Dock panel is not transparent shouldn't be transparent ! Top menu is transparent! I think this string will be helpful for all GeForce 2xx if you don't want or have no idea how to use EFIstudio. Here is my strings com.apple.Boot.plist.zip
  14. Asus P5B-E Plus success!

    Now I have 10.6 installed on my PC (C2D E4300 1.8GHz /Asus P5B-E Plus / 3Gb RAM / Asus GF 6600 GT 128Mb / etc.). But I have used iAtkos with 10.6.3. Somehow Sleep doesn't work. But it is not the biggest problem. My Asus GeForce 6600 GT doesn't work this is the real problem! BTW on 10.5.6 all worked fine. There I used EFI Studio to make a strings for my GF 6600...
  15. 6600GT on Snow Leopard?

    I have the same problem with my Asus 6600 128Mb PCI-E. It works well via strings under 10.5.x but not under 10.6.3. Have not idea what to do... I don't want to change my graphic card at this time. I have tried kexts with and without enablers and EFIStudio but no result.