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Help me Dual boot win7 and ML 10.8.2


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Hello guys, let me first thank this wonderful community for providing everything for free :)

I want to dual boot win 7 and ML 10.8.2

My pc specs are following

Mobo:asus gene-iv z

Processor:i5 2500k

Ram:corsair vengeance: 2x4gb

GC:asus direct cu ii gtc 570

PS:I do not have access to mac pc.

Thanks for any help.

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Whats your HDD config? How many do you have? Is windows currently installed? Do you want to keep that install or start everything from fresh? Is your data backed up away from the PC you are about to do this on?


And while your writing the answer to that your gonna need a working copy of OS X. Could be a friends mac or a virtual machine. Theres guides out there for how to make a virtual OS X install (isn't hard) or I'm sure you could find somewhere to download a ready made VM image to create your mac installer with.


The best method is a vanilla install, theres numerous guides for this; my vanilla guide is in my sig. If your a rookie in a few hours it will be updated with screenshots to make everything even clearer.

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I just have 1tb sata, its partitioned into three(97,390,443), win7 is currently installed, I would like to dual boot it, I can install win7 fresh if I have to, my data is not backed up away from the pc, I did research about the vm image, is it enough if I download it ,no other os is needed other that?

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Ok you need to make sure you at least have a backup off that drive. Your partition map is fine but if you havent done this before (have you?) it would be quite easy for you to loose your data (you'll find posts on this forum where people have done exactly that) during install if you did something wrong


So 97GB for OS X, a big one for windows and a big one for data? Sounds like a good plan but bear this in mind:

Typical install sizes:

OS X ~100GB - 150GB if using large programs (e.g. logic)

Windows ~150GB - 250GB due to larger footprint and program size, of course if you plan on gaming you'll need to account for the extra space.

use the rest for data, so unless your a gamer i'd recommend a re-partition to make it a bit of a cleaner install. We can easily link the windows & OS X home folders to the data partition so you can access all documents etc on either OS.


All you need is the VM image and the ability to run it, then you can follow a guide to make an install USB and set about installing ML.. You could also buy the copy of ML from the app store in the VM and use that to keep everything legal (this official stance of this forum is you should pay for the OS your using - which I agree with) its only £14 IIRC.


I suggest you follow my guide if you haven't done this before as its pretty straightforward. Any questions regarding the guide please post to that thread, if not ask here and i'll help you where I can

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