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  1. I downloaded vmdk image of Ml 10.8.2(Took me around 3 days), my net sucks 80kbps dl speed, so is there any way of converting the vmdk file to dmg so I can make the usb bootable with it?
  2. Help me Dual boot win7 and ML 10.8.2

    vm image is running perfect, is there any way by which I can make the usb bootable without downloading the mountain lion? my net dl speed is only 80kbps so you know the pain of downloading 4.07 gb .
  3. Unlock by IMEI

    There are many sellers in ebay who do it for 10-20$, find one with positive feedback and comments
  4. Help me Dual boot win7 and ML 10.8.2

    I just have 1tb sata, its partitioned into three(97,390,443), win7 is currently installed, I would like to dual boot it, I can install win7 fresh if I have to, my data is not backed up away from the pc, I did research about the vm image, is it enough if I download it ,no other os is needed other that?
  5. Hello guys, let me first thank this wonderful community for providing everything for free I want to dual boot win 7 and ML 10.8.2 My pc specs are following Mobo:asus gene-iv z Processor:i5 2500k Ram:corsair vengeance: 2x4gb GC:asus direct cu ii gtc 570 PS:I do not have access to mac pc. Thanks for any help.