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Dual Boot? No can do...


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Ok.. look at my situation here...

I had Windows XP on 1 Harddisk, That harddisk has 2 Partitions, Both 116 Gb

Later i had installed an 160 Gig Sata drive with it, for Mac Os

When i installed mac os, i plugged out my 250 Gig, Windows XP harddrive

Now, i want to Dual Boot Mac os/Windows Xp

I copied the Chain file to my C: harddrive, and changed the Boot.ini file with: C:\chain0="MacOS X

now, i see the NT Boot options, but can't boot Mac OS

Also, i tried to copy the kernel, which said it was neccecery in this tutorial:


but didn't work out, because he didn't copy anything, and still i have to boot from DVD



but now... i can only boot Xp, and looking for a way out, since i don't know how to clean up this mess...

Thx :angel:, i hope anybody can help me

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