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Hello there, im currently running ML 10.8.2 on msi p35 neo2 with E6850 cpu.

Recently i use p and c states generation flags on chameleon to resolve a boot time issue

(power managemt prints out something about c states and boot time goes to 20 seconds, after fix boot time lowed to 5 seconds)


Before fix cpu works on ~40c but after fix cpu working on ~23c and when i bench my cpu temp goes to ~40c


This means coz the speedstep is working??


Also i use the smc monitor to see the real cpu speed but nothing change, my cpu is always working to 3330mhz (normaly works on 3.0ghz but its oveclocked)


If you need my DSDT or anything else just tell me to upload!

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Script para gerar SSDT

http://revogirl.word... ... dt-pr-dsl/



RevoGirl wrote:

Bash script to generate ssdt-pr.dsl

June 16, 2012 by RevoGirl


I wrote a bash script, on the airport on the day that I left for my vacation to Spain, but I was unable to finish it. Until today that is. What does it do? Simple. This script creates a ssdt-pr.dsl after running the following terminal command:




sudo ./ssdtPRGen.sh 95 3700


The above example creates: /tmp/ssdt-pr.dsl for a i5-2500K


It works almost fully automatically, but we need to supply two arguments, TDP and max turbo frequency. Easy huh?


You can get my script from my dropbox account here.


p.s. There are variables in OS X that cannot hold any frequency above 4.2 GHz and thus they should NOT be used – going over 4.2 GHz means that you end up with negative frequencies!!!

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Thanks for your reply, i test the script last night without success, i use my multiplier and my cpu clock

(sudo ./scriptname.sh 9 3330).

Script creates the dsl file but when i try to compile i get a error about packages. I fix the error with the dsdt editor (change packages value from 0x12 to 0x13) i renamed to SSDT.AML and i copied to /extra folder.

The speedstep doesnt work!

Any help?

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