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chris weiler

Refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily, v3.8.5 already have loaded v9.9.9

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Hi there,


This is the third hackintosh I have built, however it is the first on a laptop.


I have an ASUS N53SN-XR2, the specs are as follows.


16gb DDR3 RAM

750gb Hard Drive

Intel HD 3000 Integrated graphics

nVidia 2gb GeForce 550m (Wont ever work, I know)

Intel Core i7 processor


I have followed a guide on this website and was able to get snow leopard up and running using myHack.

After installing Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.3 I proceeded to update to 10.6.6, from there I made a backup of that harddrive in case anything goes wrong.


After installing 10.6.6 combo update, I proceeded to use the UpdateHelper in order to proceed and install the 10.6.8 combo update in order to enable intel HD 3000 integrated graphics as apparently its only enabled in lion and 10.6.8 (if anyone can tell me how to do so on 10.6.6 and forget about updating, please let me know)


After updating to 10.6.8 it seemed that all went well (no KP during install like it did before UpdateHelper), until I booted it up.

At first it got stuck at PCI Configuration, however I went onto the working 10.6.6 partition and used myFix on the problem drive.

Now I am getting stuck at "refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily, v3.8.5: already have loaded v9.9.9"


I don't know what the problem is here, everything I do seems to just get it one step closer to failing.


I have tried using myHack to create a lion usb stick however it reboots my computer after starting from disk, same with iatkos.

I have tried to update to Lion from inside 10.6.6 however I am greeted with an error stating I must have a core i3, i5 or i7 or something like that, so I looked for a fix.

The fix I found was using ###### to change my identifier to MacPro3,1 and still nothing, the exact same error.


I have tried to run in safe mode using -x however I get a Kernel Panic stating "pmap_steal_memory"@/Users/nawcom/Builds/xnu-1504.9.26/osfmk/vm/vm_resident.c:757


This same exact pmap_steal_memory error happens when trying to boot the still working 10.6.6 partition in safe mode.


If ANYONE knows how to get by this error that I am getting it would be much appreciated, and if you need any more information please let me know!

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    • By tutticris
      Hola después de mucho aprovecharme de este foro me he decidido a colaborar yo también, aquí dejo mi DSDT, SSDT, config file de Clover (excepto numero de serie etc) y los kexts que he instalado, todo lo demás original yosemite. Instalacion limpia con clover y arranque UEFI. Creo que me funciona todo reposo, cámara, sd, teclas Funcion, HDMI, USB3.0. La grafica Nvidia esta desactivada por DSDT para mac os x. El wifi no es la tarjeta original, la cambie por una BCM943224 que funciona de manera nativa en Yosemite seleccionando smbios MacbookAir. Para speedstep recomiendo macbookAir4,2 o macbookpro8,1
      Aquí va el enlace a la Bios modificada que instale para el control de la energia nativo extraída de aquí:
      Un saludo y gracias.
      Archivo comprimido.zip
    • By eng_matt
      [GUIDE] Install OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Mavericks 10.9.1 on ASUS N53SN/N53SV/N53SM Notebooks

      How to build a HackinTosh with Mountain Lion (10.8 and 10.8.2), the latest version of MacOS X.

      This guide and some of my kexts is compatible with the Following Models: Asus N53SN , N53SV, N53SM, AND SOME N53 SERIES Models .

      About my specs:
      Let’s see what we have here…

      My Notebook: Asus N53SN- SZ024V

      Display: 15.6-inch LED-backlit Full HD display (1920 x 1080)
      Processor: 2nd generation Intel Core i7-2630QM processor (2.0 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.9 GHz)
      Chipset: Intel HM65
      Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M graphics with 2GB DDR3 VRAM and NVIDIA Optimus Technology
      and Intel HD Graphics 3000 (1920x1080x32)
      WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n (@ 2.4GHz) , Bluetooth v2.1
      LAN: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
      Memory: 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, 4 x SODIMM socket (expandable to 16GB)
      Storage: 500GB 7200RPM hard drive
      Optical Drive: Super Multi DVD drive
      Camera: 2.0 Megapixel with security lens cover
      Speakers: Built-in speakers with SonicMaster Technology
      Microphone: Digital Array Microphone
      Card Reader: 1x 8-in- card reader (MMC/SD/Mini-SD/XD/Memory Stick/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS-Pro-Duo)
      Input / Output:1x Headphone-out jack, 1x Microphone-in jack, 1x VGA port, 1x RJ45 LAN Jack for LAN insert, 2x USB 2.0 ports, 1x USB 3.0 port, 1x HDMI port
      Battery: 6 cell
      Dimensions: 15.6 x 10.6 x 1.2 ~ 1.6 (W x D x H)


      What's works ?:

      Intel HD Graphics 3000 (1920x1080x32)
      Realtek ALC269 Audio
      Atheros AR9285 Wireless
      Atheros or Broadcam Bluetooth (Most device works , some of them not)
      Battery Management
      Elan Multitouch Ps/2 Trackpad
      Card Reader
      Usb 2.0/ 3.0
      Realtek 8xxx Ethernet
      Sleep/Wake/Reboot working
      Fn Hotkeys (Function Key )
      Super Multi DVD drive
      Asus VGA Webcam ( with Camtwist app)

      Not Work:

      NVIDIA GeForce GT550M

      What do you need:

      Basically it is better to already have a working version of MacOS installed on your HackinTosh. It is always possible to achieve all steps of this GUIDE with an external MacOS system, but it will be more difficult. Also, I recommend you to have the following stuffs:

      A working install of OS X (this may be in a virtual machine or a native install) to prepare the installer
      1 x USB/SD card of 8GB minimum.
      1 x Original Mountain Lion Install DVD (InstallESD.dmg).
      8GB of available space minimum to install Mountain Lion.
      1 x Human Brain.
      30 minutes up to 3 hours spare time.

      STEP 1 – Creating USB/SD Mountain Lion Installation Drive:

      For this part, you need to force Finder to show all hidden files link

      Right Click “Install OS X Mountain Lion” -> Show Package Contents.
      Contents -> Shared Support -> InstallESD.dmg.
      Open InstallESD.dmg (this will popup the “Mac OS X Install ESD” volume).
      In ”Mac OS X Install ESD” volume open BaseSystem.dmg (this will popup the “Mac OS X Base System” volume).
      Open the Disk Utility application.

      Now we will create our USB/SD Mountain Lion installation DVD volume.

      Partition your USB/SD device to match two partition, GUID Partition Scheme, both must be Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

      other steps , you can watch this video fully usb installations:


      Thanks chris

      watch this video while 10 minutes (10:00) and do it your usb drive this tutorial.
      after 10 minutes on video , we don't need any steps.

      some people send me pm about installation steps. if you have a trouble that you can use below links.

      How to install mountain lion your notebook ;

      here; http://goo.gl/BFYiA

      I added here my Extra files for you. You must integrate this files your usb drive root.

      Also I added my Drivers (kext files) here for you , after installation you need this files.

      You will see my Extra files in Attachments , You can download here.

      Ok if you have a bootable usb drive 10.8.0 retail mac osx files added. We are ready for installation.

      1- install with , -v and finish installation.
      2- When you finish installation you must boot with -x -v command. Because we have to delete some kext files like graphics kext.

      When you open safe mode with (-x -v) command , you must delete this files ;


      Roots ( Mac osX installed drive) ---> System ---> Library --->Extensions come here and delete below files ;

      Delete all graphics kexts (+ plugin and bundles) :
      AMD - AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext - AMDRadeonVADriver.bundle - AMDRadeonX3000GLDriver.bundle - AppleIntelHD4000Graphics.kext - AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsGA.plugin - AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsGLDriver.bundle - AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsVADriver.bundle - AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext - AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext - AppleIntelHDGraphicsGA.plugin - AppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver.bundle - AppleIntelHDGraphicsVADriver.bundle ATI - ATI2400Controller.kext - ATI2600Controller.kext - ATI3800Controller.kext - ATI4600Controller.kext - ATI4800Controller.kext - ATI5000Controller.kext - ATI6000Controller.kext - ATIFramebuffer.kext - ATIRadeonX2000.kext - ATIRadeonX2000GA.plugin - ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle - ATIRadeonX2000VADriver.bundle - ATISupport.kext Nvidia - GeForce.kext - GeForceGA.plugin - GeForceGLDriver.bundle - GeForceVADriver.bundle - NVDAGF100Hal.kext - NVDAGK100Hal.kext - NVDANV50Hal.kext - NVDAResman.kext - NVSMU.kext


      when you deleted above files your graphics card will work , if you have only below kext your S/L/E.

      You must install only this files;

      For Graphics card ; we need only this files:

      - AppleIntelHD3000Graphics.kext
      - AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGA.plugin
      - AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGLDriver.bundle
      - AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsVADriver.bundle
      - AppleIntelIVBVA.bundle
      - AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext
      - AppleIntelSNBVA.bundle
      - AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext

      I added some apps for you , you can downloads this apps , this thread . When you deleted this kext files ,
      you must open "Kext Utility.app" , this app rebuild your permission and cache. Also you can install kext files with this apps.

      Now we must deleted this files for not take "Kernel panic" our system.

      Roots ( Mac osX installed drive) ---> System ---> Library --->Extensions

      delete below files:


      if you don't delete this two files , your mac osx have a Kernel Panic. After deleted this 2 files ;

      open "Kext Utility.app" and drop below kexts and install your mac osx 10.8.0 system.

      EvOreboot.kext --> for reboot , you need this kext.
      FakeSMC.kext ---> This kext , for real mac machine.
      NullCPUPowerManagement.kext --> This kext for your cpu management.

      İnstall this 3 kext and repair your mac osx installed hard drive permission. When you finished all this procedure , you are ready to reboot your system , after all that you can't get any kernel panic.

      All kext files , upload my me. You can find this files below links.

      For update , you can download here;

      OS X Mountain Lion Update v10.8.2 (Combo) :


      Extra files ;

      Dsdt , smbios and other files here;


      (All Kext Files) Here;


      needed apps (Here):


      Update ;

      Bluetooth and Ethernet kext here;


      By the way ; My Real Name is: Baki Eryiğit , from TURKEY.

      Have a nice day guys. I hope , you will install without any issue.
    • By gs7fu3s9pV
      I've been trying to install 10.8 on my Asus N53SV-DH72 with the following specs:
      Intel i7-2670QM 2.2 Intel HD3000, device id 0116 NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M, device id 0DF4 Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless, device id 002B Realtek PCIe GBE, device id 8168 Realtex High Definition audio, device id 0269 I created my usb following this guide.
      My first error loading the installer was the PowerManagement kernel panic, which I solved using myHack instead of making my usb as this reply suggested.
      I got further on the installer, but it stalled in the [iOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed part.
      I created my own dsdt following this guide and used the remaining extra files of this reply and I got passed the bluetooth part.
      After all the files are loaded all I get is a black screen. When I press fn+f8 I see what seems to be the installer, but with a lot of glitches, as you can see in this video. The mouse can be seen and moved normally though.
      I've tried the some boot flags like DisplayEnabler and cpus, etc. I also tried making a myHack 10.9 installer with my dsdt file, and the results were almost the same. I get stalled in the glitches of the installer GUI.
      Any clue?
    • By Srynetix
      Hello everyone.
      I need some help and advices.
      I've already tried to install Mac OS X 10.6 on my desktop computer one year ago, and I almost suceeded (the video card wasn't recognized (ATI HD5830)).
      However, today I want to install Mac OS X on my new laptop, the ASUS N53SV-S1779V.
      I've already searched posts about the N53SV, but either i don't understand (because it's writed in another language than French and English), or it's about another N53SV with a slightly different configuration. I've tried the Snow Leopard DVD + ModUSB, it installs fine (even if sometimes it just crash), but I don't know how to configure the system to make it recognize my graphic card, CPU, etc.
      Here are my notebook's specs:
      Screen: 15.6’’ WUXGA Full HD LED BackLight (1920×1080)
      CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM (2,2 GHz)
      RAM: 8 Go
      GPU: Intel GMA HD 3000 and nVidia GeForce GT 540M (nVidia Optimus)
      Wireless: Intel WiFi Link 1000

      For the wireless card, I already know that Intel kexts are inexistant for this one, I will surely buy a WiFi dongle, so if you know a good one, tell me.
      I hope that someone will respond to me and help me to FINALLY install this on my notebook.
      Moreover, if a Lion installation is possible on this laptop with all of the drivers correctly loaded, I would like to have some links to a tutorial or some explanations, with links to kexts, if it's possible.
      P.S.: If someone is interested, I want a Mac installation for "creation", like graphic creation, music creation (the major reason), and programming.
      P.P.S: I'm French, so if my English isn't perfect, that's quite normal.