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Help i have tried numerous installs of lion on my AMD system. i have successfully installed snow leopard 10.6.8 but i have read that in order to get my graphics card working (XFX ATI 6970) i must have lion installed i have tried numerous times the furthest i have got is to install it but then it fails to boot and that was from a french website that was translated :S. i also want to run triple monitors off it if possible.


French Website : http://bit.ly/UEcuxl

Translated page : http://bit.ly/QR3iln


Any Help would be greatly appreciated :)


System Specs:-

Cpu :- AMD Bulldozer FX 8120

motherboard :- Asus M5A87

Graphics :- XFX 6970 2GB

Memory :- Corsair Vengeance Black 4x4gb 16GB

HD :- 2TB Western Digital

PSU :- 750w

Monitors 3 x LG E2281

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