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Boot volume disappeared from Chameleon menu

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After a normal reboot, my boot volume disappeared from the Chameleon boot menu. During the run before the reboot, I used Migration assistant to transfer applications to another Mac. I don't know if it's the issue here, because the machine was the source and I believe Migration Assistant doesn't change anything in the source.


I did the following:

  • booted into an install medium, Repair Disk (there were no errors) and reinstalled Chameleon
  • tried to boot with Chameleon installed on a different disk
  • replaced the kernel with backup

If I press Enter, I see the kexts being loaded (so it can see the partition) and then it reboots.


Please help me fix this without reinstalling...

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As it turns out, one can never be sure with Migration Assistant. It messes up permissions on the source system if it's a hackintosh.



I was able to solve it with:

  • fix permissions;
  • a trick by netkas: link

In case it ever goes down, it boils down to forcing some files to update by copying them, removing the original and moving them back to place. The files are:





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