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Rear I/o mod?

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Does anyone have a link or something to a wiring diagram or any info to use the rear I/O ports took from a powermac motherboard?


Like this






Zammykoo had made one and someone over on the tonymac forums made one as well. (And yes I have messaged them)


Figured I'd give it a go, seeing as I have a few powermac boards... just don't want to try it blind.

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I don't think it's quite as easy as that. Zammykoo made a entirely new IO pcb from scratch with the ports in the same locations to line up with the holes in the case, and connections to the mobo were then done using patch cables to plug into the mobo's ports. essentially, in practice anyway, they are extension cables with one end mounted to pcb board for mounting convenience. problem with the existing board is all that circuitry stuff all over it :) How I think it could be done, would be to isolate just the connector and it's pin outs that are soldered to the pcb, carefully severing any links to the rest of the circuitry on the pcb. Then for each port except toslink, cut end off a normal cable of that type, strip wires and solder them directly to the corresponding pins for each connector and plug uncut end into mobo's port. Hope that made sense?

Rear I_o mod? - Mods and Overclocking - InsanelyMac Forum.jpg

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another option would be to source the connectors, and then to make your own PCB with the connectors for the original ports and the connectors for the outgoing cables to connect to your new MB on that PCB. The thread here that was working on that died a while ago due to the guy who was doing it actually dying. Just kidding - but he hasn't been posting any updates in that topic, despite numerous requests. You could, if you have the tools and the time, take one for the team and do it. This is actually something that I have been interested in for a while, just haven't gotten off my duff to do anything on it. My dad used to get professional PCBs made back in the 80's for pretty cheap, so I know its doable now.


If you are interested in going down that path, let me know as I would be more than willing to provide you with whatever help I can.

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I can see the points I need to wire/soldered to, I just don't know the order or how you would figure that out.. I'm not the best at such things.


For sound I can just look at what he did, for the others not so much it isn't as clear. haha

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