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Angel Mata

Has anyone been able to install any version of iOS in an HP All In One Computer with AMD?

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I tried to install Snow Leopard on a PC HP Pro 1005 Series All in One with AMD E-450 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics 1.65GHz, but I could not. I used the EmpireEFI_V108 and EmpireEFI4AMD_SB600_support_added with a Mac OS X Snow Leopard Single Layer disk.


I have a windows partition and another where I want to install the iOS, empty.


Insert the Empire EFI and start with it, Darth Vader appears and the partitions in the hard drive, in my case I get 3 partitions, a 100MB system partition, the window partition and the new partition where I want to install the Snow Leopard, besides the Empire EFI disk.


After I proceed to remove the Empire EFI disc and insert the Snow Leopard disk, the icon on the screen changes to the Snow Leopard disk.


Now press enter and white letters appear in the screen as if reading the disk and the screen darkens but there are not moving later and the drive light is not blinking means that the drive is not reading from Snow Leopard disk.


I hope you can help me to solve this problem.



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Amd APUs doesnt have osx support.


Ok Ok, thnks a lot, Could you tell me the website where i can read this? What processors are supported? Pls. Thnks.

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      1.) RadeoDeInit is on, without this patch the screens stays dark forever
      2.) Booting with iGFX never works for me, I always get memory allocation errors during boot until I disable the Intel graphics completely.
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