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Need help identifying cause of kernal panic (pic)


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I'm having a hard time understanding the cause of the kernel panic.


Even with npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No flags in place, the kernel panic still occurs.




The last action I took was unchecking "Update to 10.7.5" and then running the rest of the updates before issuing a reboot.


My fears are that after a long day of writing code, perhaps my brain was too slow to realize that I did indeed initiate a 10.7.5 update?


If the system wasn't updated, then I'm at a complete loss as to what could have triggered this.


Here's another shot, slightly less blurry..




An attempt to boot into safe mode produced a slightly different error message:




PS: I was running 10.7.4 prior to this "possible" update

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