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Airport Extreme Wireless Card channel Problem


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finally got this broadcom ID 4324 wireless to work (took hours as problem with internal ethernet)




i run a Access Point on channel 13, now all my other computers can access the AP but this broadcom :censored2:


when i look at the details on card says


Wireless Card Locale: USA


now i know USA, Japan etc.. like using Channels 12, 13 & 14 how can i make my network card read 1 - 14

not 1 - 11


firmware ?, Mac hack ? please need help.


have spent hours looking and looking and can't find anything about changing location of network card.


Thanx All





P.S. yes i know card works on channel 13 as dual boot xp connects to AP.


Please just want to be able to connect to channels 12, 13 & 14 via clicking on Icon to connect and searches all channels.

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