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  1. ALC655 Driver?

    please upload new link thank you.
  2. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, Computer : Laptop Toshiba Sat A200 Audio Card: ALC268 have tried current dumps with the latest patch and states the codec is not supported.. Taruga: i know your busy but are you near to a next release with AppleHDA Patcher 1.17 ? which will enable our codecs please ? Vas p.s. if you need more information feel free to ask thankyou Error AppleHDA Patcher - 2006/2007 Taruga v1.16 _______________________________________________________ Codec : Realtek ALC268 Vendor Id : 0x10ec0268 Subsystem Id : 0x1179ff10 _______________________________________________________ * Detected unsupported Realtek Codec
  3. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=57164 try searching next time.
  4. Hi, Had JAS 10.4.9 install and everything working 100% except intel video card after using KoolKal 10.4.10 sse2 update system would not boot so had to copy old extensions over and finally got booting. done some testing and all looked ok but now system profiler wont work. about my mac works after login patch but loading system profiler not working even via terminal comes with error "Floating point exception" and wont load can someone help me please this is the only problem i have except for video but can live without that vas thankyou in advaced
  5. Help! Replacement for MS Publisher

    H, Maybe not much help. But i use both QuarkXpress & InDesign to do all my artworks. Never have a problem also my work goes to print so never a doubt with these programs. Vas never heard of pages
  6. Toast 8 / Hackintosh ! Please help

    Hi, Is your video fully supported on your hackintosh ??? as i had the same problem with my lappy. with same bouncing icon and not loading. i was told it was cause of the lack of video support.. vas hope it helps you. and sorry for the bad new if thats the case. but the latest version Toast Titanium 7.1.2 works on lappy
  7. GPS Software?

    Hi Oopl, Please let me know also. wanting GPS software for mac also Vas
  8. Toast Titanium 8

    Ok, thanx guys i guess i'll be staying with toast 7 on my lappy vas
  9. Toast Titanium 8

    i have 8.8.1 Semthex kernel, i thought others were in beta stages. vas
  10. just giving up on installing mac

    If you can download via rapidshare WHY can't you download via torrent ? do you want us to install it for you also ?
  11. Toast Titanium 8

    Hi, Tried Reinstall of First release of 10.4.8 by Jas and tried Toast 8 = Not Working. Tried Reinstall of First Release of 10.4.8 + ppf 1 Patch by Jas and tried Toast 8 = Not Working please what am i doing wrong ? vas
  12. Toast Titanium 8

    not blaming JAS !! Never would i blame him he's doing a great job just asking him for advice to see if any differences between his latest release and ppf v1 patch vas
  13. Mail app woes

    Hi, Yes did have same problem with 10.4.7 (hackintosh) while attaching pictures etc.. now using the new 10.4.8 + patch and seems quicker, does stall for a 1 - 2 seconds but ok version 2.1.1 build 752.3 vas. sorry for not being much help but thats my version and build and did with 10.4.7 not with 10.4.8
  14. Toast Titanium 8

    Ummm, so that my problem maybe we using different releases 10.4.8 via Jas JAS: please help, why is your patch not allowing to run toast 8 ?? Vas P.S. please ?
  15. Toast Titanium 8

    Hi curlyboy, is that using 10.4.8 with newest patch ? or just the first release 10.4.8 ? i using the 10.4.8 and patched it with jas's new patch release. vas