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DIY Generic Driver For Any Card Reader ! ;) by nikkpap

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Hi to all i just found that if you edit the original AppleStorageDrivers.kext and the inside AppleUSBCardReader.kext you can probable have Generic Driver for your card reader too....


what i did was to copy the AppleStorageDrivers.kext to my desktop and right click on it and show package contents and edit again the


AppleUSBCardReader.kext with show package contents and final i used a plist editor to edit the Info.plist (inside the AppleUSBCardReader.kext) so go to the IOPersonalities --> AppleUSBCardReader --> Physical Interconnect Location (Change it to External) and the Vendor Identification (Change it to Generic or what its on your System Report on the USB Section ) and in vender id and product id change it to yours but on in hex mode 0x2222 convert it to dec http://www.stringfunction.com/hex-decimal.html


tested on mac os x lion 10.7.5 and previous 10.7.x

Generic Card Reader.zip

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So this method should solve all the problems related to SD Card Readers. Nice! (I'll try it on my 6720s. The Reader isn't unsupported, but i want the SD Icon :))

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thanks, i will try it now :)

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Thanks for the great info nikkpap! I was even able to get my multislot card reader working using your method. Quite nice.


To avoid editing system kexts, I made a plist-only kext that is just one of the IOKit personalities in AppleUSBCardReader with Internal replaced with External and the vendor/device IDs changed. I'm attaching it here in case anyone else might find it useful. Just change the idVendor and idProduct in Info.plist to match your card reader, place in /S/L/E and rebuild cache. This way you don't have to modify the original AppleUSBCardReader.kext.


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