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10.8.2 update and trackpad/keyboard issues


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asus u36sd laptop - since 10.8.1 was such an easy update from the app store - i went ahead and did the same with 10.8.2 - very unlike myself - but it did happen...


the update failed because of the oemsmbios.kext issue and once i had deleted that kext i had a notification (in notification center) saying the update failed and if i want it to finish i should restart - so i did.


it loaded up fine but i'm now having issues with the trackpad and keyboard:

the trackpad does not seem to work anymore at all, and worse - the laptop keyboard works perfectly until i touch the trackpad - the laptop keyboard then stops working also.


doing a google on this issue shows that mac users have encountered this as well - and the only way out was to delete some library caches (no more info on any of the threads i read). does anyone know what's that all about? or any other solution?


using the good old AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext for synaptics - which worked great so far since lion.

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