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  1. yep - using kext wizard, i repaired permissions and rebuilt caches. though i use -f and UseKernelCache = No in chameleon. still doesn't work.
  2. asus u36sd laptop - since 10.8.1 was such an easy update from the app store - i went ahead and did the same with 10.8.2 - very unlike myself - but it did happen... the update failed because of the oemsmbios.kext issue and once i had deleted that kext i had a notification (in notification center) saying the update failed and if i want it to finish i should restart - so i did. it loaded up fine but i'm now having issues with the trackpad and keyboard: the trackpad does not seem to work anymore at all, and worse - the laptop keyboard works perfectly until i touch the trackpad - the laptop keyboard then stops working also. doing a google on this issue shows that mac users have encountered this as well - and the only way out was to delete some library caches (no more info on any of the threads i read). does anyone know what's that all about? or any other solution? using the good old AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext for synaptics - which worked great so far since lion.
  3. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Have at it i'm really enjoying lion, and i also installed office for mac 2011 (turns out, our company has a license), and now i also have normal mail... the only 3 reasons i currently sometimes switch to windows are SVN (couldn't find any mac app that even comes close to scratching tortoisesvn), visualstudio (i wish there was some way around a virtual machine - which i don't want to install), and having to write to NTFS partitions... BTW - also if anybody's interested i found a great general purpose editor to replace notepad++ on mac (it's my main IDE on windows) called Editra ( http://editra.org/ ) it's free, actively developed and has lot's of great plugins. i was loosing my mind due to textwrangler and coderunner (in my opinion they are a far cry from notepad++ or editra). I used an MBR partition scheme for my install as per this guide - http://myhack.sojugarden.com/2009/12/dual-booting-demystified/ I have used it already on 2 other friend's machines and it worked flawlessly on both - i don't remember having to change any of the instructions on it, but it was a long time ago (about a year) since i last used it.
  4. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    @AREOS - Thanks, then perhaps you can help me. After studying all the changes necessary, i understand this cannot be done via dsdt - too many injections required and i'm not sure some of them will be valid for the kext. The kext you posted in not compatible with our configuration. The config data for out ALC269 is <01471c40 01471d01 01471e13 01471f99 01871c20 01871d10 01871e81 01871f04 01971c10 01971d01 01971ea0 01971f99 02171c50 02171d10 02171e21 02171f04 01470c02> I also had to add a layout269.xml to the kext with some changes, i didn't do the original kext change myself, i took a kext that partially worked for me and modified it from there (got the config data using the same thread you mentioned by "the king"). Editting a Lion kext seems to be a little different than previous versions, so if you know how to do it, i'd love some help. Last problem though is sleep and mute, like you mentioned we need the IOAudioFamily modification for that. i tried to find any material on this, but could not - so thanks for the patch, i'll take a look. if you can point me to a thread on this - that would be really helpful... @All - some updates: 1. I have a new dsdt and ssdt (both attached below) that should work fine for anyone wanting to upgrade to 10.7.4, they work with speedstep and give you a good range of frequencies. it's good for anyone who has the i5-2410m of this laptop, if you have anything else, please don't use this!!! dsdt & ssdt for lion 10.7.4.zip 2. I've also started using the IOath3kfrmwr - which should take care of all your bluetooth woes (works perfectly with my iPhone, ear-piece for skyping, and microsoft notebook mouse 5000). - http://www.tonymacx8...53556&start=106 3. I've also moved to using AppleHDA instead of VoodooHDA as it was giving me lots of kernel panics on boot, only problem is no speakers after sleep. working on that... AppleHDA.zip 4. I've had to edit the IO80211Family.kext and remove the "network-root" requirement, you CAN work without it, but sometimes there is a kernel error because it loads too early and it may not load (that's since 10.7.3). IO80211Family.kext.zip 5. Switched to a new version of chameleon/chimera with a few modifications - i haven't had a single screen corruption problem since this change + upgrade to 10.7.4. Chameleon-2.1svn-r2000.zip With these changes i now have an almost 100% working mac, missing still are sound after sleep and usb3 - working on both of those. but no more kp's no more screen corruption and better battery time on 10.7.4 (your milage may vary ofcourse).
  5. Thanks @gsly, from what i can see in the code for the driver, this is not something fixable by dsdt. i can see that these 2 lines are both in the _BIF and _BIX methods of the driver: fManufacturerData = OSData::withCapacity(10); setManufacturerData((uint8_t *)fManufacturerData, fManufacturerData->getLength()); do you know in the original apple code - which method is being used? and if so what kind of package does it return? perhaps it would be easier to return a similar package with some of the data having generic non-descript values? on the matter of the kexts - i apologize but i did not understand, or failed to communicate my question: 1. is the applesmartbattery the newer standard? 2. how does osx determine which of the drivers is being loaded? or are they both loaded? if i use both your kexts i only see messages from appleacpibatterymanager, but if i delete that kext, i can see messages from applesmartbattery. just trying to figure out how stuff works... sorry if i am still not clear...
  6. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Hi @Claudio - I'm pretty good, have a little spare time now - so yes, i upgraded to 10.7.4, and started working on closing some of the gaps in the dsdt, etc... How have you been? I already have battery working mostly correctly, and currently working on the 2410m ssdt's in order to get better power management (and more battery time...). when i finish with that i plan on taking a look at what areos provided for the audio (i've been having random kernel panics from voodoohda because of the hdmi cable being plugged in), and want to have as much in the dsdt as possible and the system to be as vanilla as possible. I will then take a look at what can be done with the usb3, and the bluetooth (both will probably need kext changes/fixes and cannot be done in dsdt). [Edit:] also forgot to mention - found a solution to the wifi not working after 10.7.3/10.7.4 upgrades (one line change to the plist.info in the kext - currently no way around it, though i'm trying with dsdt to mix it up).
  7. How can i find out which data is missing? is it something in the _BIF package? i'd like to try and fix it in the dsdt. [EDIT:] i just noticed it's something in the driver. just to check, i switched back to the default appleacpibattery kext - and it happens there as well - so i'm guessing it's something that's in the code of the original driver as well? or is it something i can add to the _BIF method? or another method? [EDIT #2:]can anyone also explain the difference between AppleAcpiBatteryManager(AAPM) & AppleSmartBatteryManager(ASBM)? is ASBM the older one? or is the one being loaded dependent on some dsdt naming convention? or is dependent on smbus/ec? i could not find any details on this anywhere.
  8. Reverted back to using the gsly's kexts (changed the correct parameters) and made the changes to the dsdt. Now i have both percentage AND estimated times showing correctly (yay) BUT when i go to the "about this mac" power descriptor - i get "there was an error while gathering this information". kernel log: 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryManager: Version 2011.0802 starting 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryManager: Battery Supported Count(s) 1. 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice: Using ACPI regular battery information method _BIF 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::clearBatteryState: do_update = false 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryManager::setPowerState: which = 0x1 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::rebuildLegacyIOBatteryInfo called 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::pollBatteryState: path = 0x2 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::pollBatteryState: path = 0x1 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryManager::getBatterySTA called 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatterySTA: battery_status = 0x1f 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryManager::getBatteryBIF called 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBIF: acpibat_bif size = 13 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryManager::getBatteryBST called 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBST: acpibat_bst size = 4 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBST: fPowerUnit = 0x1 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBST: currentStatus = 0x1 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBST: fCurrentRate = 0x758 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBST: fCurrentCapacity = 0x981 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBST: fCurrentVoltage = 0x37b2 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::setBatteryBST: fAverageRate = 0x758 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice: Battery is discharging. 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::constructAppleSerialNumber called 14/06/12 5:07:00.000 PM kernel: AppleACPIBatteryDevice::rebuildLegacyIOBatteryInfo called
  9. Thanks @apramobis - that's so embaracing... was going nuts here, though what i ended up doing was open the source code and hard code it to work with _BIF.
  10. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    @areos - thanks, this could really be helpful. some time has cleared up for me - so i'm doing a bit of work on the dsdt again, i was wandering where you got this kext? did you make it yourself? if so, can you tell me what you did? if it's pinout/mapping changes - perhaps it can be incorporated into the dsdt - which would make it even more valuable.
  11. First and foremost, thanks @gsly for this really wonderful and informative work, and all the time you've dedicated to this. Thanks also goes to Jingu & 18seven for adapting this to Asus laptops (which i am also an owner of). I'm encountering a very strange problem - which no one else has reported, so i'm assuming it's something i'm doing wrong. No matter how i play with the info.plist inside the kext - i can't get it to use _BIF, only _BIX I always get this in the kernel log: I've tried setting UseExtendedBatteryInformationMethod & UseExtraBatteryInformationMethod to false (both as booleans and as strings), but the result is always the same. Since no one else is reporting this - i'm assuming it's some stupid mistake i'm making, but i'll take my chances and post the kext i'm using (i put it in S/L/E - replacing the original) - can anyone help? AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext.zip
  12. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Found a fix if anyone is interested for future reference... Took a look in my kernel log and spotted the following message: after a bit of google leg work - i found this link by delifruit. the solution turns out to be quite simple - though i have no explanation for it (perhaps some googling will do...) to quote his fix:
  13. DSDT editor and patcher

    Just updated to the new version posted with the new IASL compiler - and have a new warning cropped up on me... 4134 Warning _REG has no corresponding Operation Region any ideas what that's about? and if it could interfere with anything? all seems to be working fine - it's under the SATA device... DSDT is attached. [!!!Update]: Apparently i have to add an "OperationRegion (XXXX, EmbeddedControl, XXXX, XXXX) which asus did not bother doing for the sata device... now looking for the right definition - if anyone can help - it'd be much appreciated dsdt11-final-Stage1-11.zip
  14. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Just upgraded from 10.7.2 to 10.7.4 and my AR9285 has stopped working (meaning that osx reports "Wi-Fi: no hardware installed" under the WiFi icon). Reverting to the 10.7.2 IO80211Family.kext (replacing the new one with the old one using kextwizard) works, but returning the new one borks it again. really have no idea where to start looking. I tried changing my DSDT's with every trick listed in this thread (including using 0x30 instead of 0x2A), and finally broke down and tried editing the kext - that did not work either. is there a possibility that Apple has restricted this somehow to block other hardware? has anyone else encountered this? Just for reference i am using the Asus U36SD which has the AR9002WB-1NG (link - http://www.qca.qualcomm.com/technology/technology.php?nav1=47&product=75 ) inside. it's basically an AR9285 with an AR3011 (BT) combined on a single chip (both are separate - so it's a genuine AR9285), and the DSDT trick worked (and still does) fine with the 10.7.2 kext. attached are the original DSDT and my modded one (which works with the 10.7.2 kext) i'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. i don't want to have to revert to using an old kext. DSDTs.zip
  15. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    @Claudio A. - the .aml is as good as the de-compiled version, because any dsdt editing app will load and decompile it for you. if you were looking to diff the file from my previous one, you could decompile it and then save it in text form, let me know if you have any problems, i'll post the .dml As for the complete guide - that's a definite yes, working on it right now after i downloaded and installed iwork 2009. had a bit of a tough week at work (end of the year is always the craziest time), so i'm only getting to it now - but i should have something up during next week.