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Best graphics card for Snow Leopard?


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Well, two things:

1. Will newer PCI Express x16 cards (the 2.0/3.0 ones) work with the 1.0 slots? I heard they do.

2. If they do, what's the best low-end card for said slot and Snow Leopard? I have a 300W PC that needs upgrading. So far the hard drive and the RAM has been upgraded. I'm leaving the processor as it is at the moment, but the graphics I really want to upgrade. I have really horrible worse-than-low-end integrated graphics. They work with Snow Leopard really well, but it slows down the computer a lot, even in Windows. One example is on ROBLOX, where the vehicles and skateboards are very slow.


Sorry if I'm acting like such an idiot, though. :(

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