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VMWARE player 4.04 (v8) - Upgrade to 10.7.4 failed

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Hi guys,


I have a working lion install under vmware 8 using vmware player 4.04. I tried the upgrade to osx 10.7.4 since I need the new xcode for IOS6 dev, but after the upgrade the "boot screen" hangs with the spinner. Is there a way to patch/update so that it will run, or am I better off finding a more recent vmware image ? ( I pay for lion/mountain lion, even if I download an image).




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Did you ever resolve this? I had the same problem, ended up restoring the VM to a backup (thank god I made one!)

Nick / Grant,


There were some issues with 10.7.4, that needed patches, but these have been resolved in the recently released versions of Workstation 9, Player 5, Fusion 5 and ESXi 5.1.


So the best advise is upgrade to the latest relevant version, and Player 5 and ESXi 5.1 are free.

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