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  1. Hi guys, I have a working lion install under vmware 8 using vmware player 4.04. I tried the upgrade to osx 10.7.4 since I need the new xcode for IOS6 dev, but after the upgrade the "boot screen" hangs with the spinner. Is there a way to patch/update so that it will run, or am I better off finding a more recent vmware image ? ( I pay for lion/mountain lion, even if I download an image). Cheers Grant
  2. Update, I changed the drive to scisi and it seems to be working, and I've updated to 10.6.5. I'm going to go read the docs now on how to get my resolution working and multiple cpus.
  3. HI guys, I've been trying to get this working under trial version of vmware workstation 7.1.3 build 324285. With a retail copy of snowleopard 10.6.3, following the Albert method, unlocking vmware. I have a Hp laptop HP Envy 15" core i7 6gb ram 500mb HD virtualization enabled in the bios I wasn't 100% sure on how to configure the vm being new to vmware, but configured as follows : 1 cpu 1 core 60gig ide drive 2048 mb memory Network adapter NAT I edited my vmx file and added : cpuid.1.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0001:0000:0110:1010:0101" If i try to install with this setup, i get the apple splash screen with the progess circle, but It never gets to the point where it asks me my language to start installing the OS. If I change my cpus to 2, and 2 cores, I can get all the way to the disk setup screen and I can start to partion my virtual drive, but when I start to partion it, it hangs on the "unmounting disk" I'm attaching the vmx file that looks the closest to one everyone recommends. Can anyone let me know anything I may be doing wrong? Cheers Grant
  4. Dell E1705 setup with 10.6.3

    been working to much to work on this. Update : wireless is working connected via wireless N need to fix the 2nd core on the cpu and then graphics card and I think I'm almost done.
  5. Dell E1705 setup with 10.6.3

    Just ordered BCM94321MC Broadcom mini-pci card... http://www.alancomputech.com/416371-002.html guess I'll be waiting a week for the next "step"
  6. Hi guys, I needed a 2nd mac for expermimenting with ( I have an mac book pro already ) so am converting my E1705. specs Inspiron E1705 / 9400 4gig ram ( 3.5 visible to hardware) X1400 ati radeon mobile 160gb drive Intel T5300 1.73GHZ dual core CPU Broadcom hardwire network card Intel 4965 Wireless 355 bluetooth card I've followed most of the E1505/e6400 in 8 steps guide here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=194738 using retail Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD and used the kext helper for the built in broadcom wired nic My machine boots fine with cameleon RC3, with RC4 it has a cpu issue, probably a missing kext. Snow Leopard is "working" so far, I need to figure out the following : Wireless solution, probably go usb since my machine has the intel 4965, will search for recommendations. Enable the 2nd core on the T5300, think I can use the kext from the guide enable graphics card - ATI Radeon mobile x1400 256MB Video card enable 64 bit fix sleep/wake ( currently freezes when its sleeps) I need to figure out how to be a bit more efficient when i want to "revert" changes, currently I boot the osx rescue and go to terminal, probably need to figure out one of these pen drive setups so I can quickly get into a terminal and edit the extensions. I'm also using time machine to backup my system incase I brick it. I'll update this once I get everything working so other E1705 owners have working example.