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Dell Inspiron 2310 - here we go again


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(This build is not a notebook contrary to listing but rather an iMac clone. (If This iMac style pc is effecting the results, that is what i am trying to find out, built in screen yet pcie graphics card.) Do you know anyone with an all in one on osx?


Hey all, im going to try this again (i have been trying this build for 2 years), I have a very nice working lion usb installer that i am modifying to boot. Finding the correct framebuffer is a nightmare so thats what I'm trying to sort out because its causeing booting into a blank screen fans spin up but nothing happens, even power button doesn't work so i have to turn it off at the wall.


The main thing thats stopping me is the boot into the installer so i made a dedicated thread for this:



Here is the general guide for this card, hoolock doesn't work it just gives me disco colours.


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