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Instead of downloading another big ISO image, you can patch your 10.4.1 system to run 10.4.2+ apps. But of course I'd recommend a newer OS version if you can.


From the big man himself:


"Maxxuss Exec-10.4.2 Patch v0.1


This is the 1st version (v0.1) of my Exec-10.4.2 patch for Mac OS X 10.4.1 "Tiger" on the x86 Platform (Codename "Marklar").


This patch allows you to run Mac OS X 10.4.2 (x86) software on your 10.4.1 system.



The download file consists of a patched 10.4.1 kernel and an installer script. It as a compressed ISO file "Maxxuss-Exec_10.4.2-v0.1.iso" (~ 3 MB), available at these locations:


* ZIP Archive: ultrashare.net

* ZIP Archive: mytempdir.com

* ZIP Archive: rapidshare.de


Use the included script "install.sh" to install the files (with a backup), and/or to restore the original kernel file. The installer also prints a lot of information.

Information about the Exec-10.4.2 patch


Apple has recently released Mac OS X 10.4.2 for the x86 platform (actually, it's only provided to developers as a Developer Transistion Kit, DTK). One of the changes is that the 10.4.2 development tools now generate application binaries with new header information (Mach-O file header). This new header is incompatible with 10.4.1, i.e. on your 10.4.1 x86 system, you cannot run software which was compiled on and for 10.4.2.


This patch modifies the 10.4.1 kernel to adapt for these changes. This means, you should be able to run 10.4.2 software.


Please note, that new software which is built for 10.4.2 might require up-to-date versions of specific system files, e.g. frameworks or libraries. In this case, you would also need to update these files. The software I tested so far, however, do not require newer system files.


As a side note on the patched kernel: It also contains the v0.5c SSE3->SSE2 emulator and runtime patcher, so that you can run Rosetta and 10.4.2 software. (Users with a SSE3 CPU: see also FAQ.)

What's in the ISO


* Readme.html

* install.sh (Open with your Mac OS X' Terminal.app)

* Mach kernel with the patch applied


How to Install


1. Burn CD or simply mount it in your Mac OS X system

2. Open Terminal.app

3. Use "cd" command to get into the CD, e.g. "cd /Volumes/MAXXUSS_E1/"

4. Type "sudo ./install.sh"

5. You will have to enter your password (deadmoo's original is "bovinity")

6. Follow the instructions (see also FAQ below)

7. Restart Mac OS X

8. Enjoy.


Installing the patched kernel beside your current one (Testing)


The installer will offer you a choice between replacing your current kernel (selection "1") or installing the patched kernel beside your current one (selection "2").


I suggest that you select "2" for a test. If the kernel works for you, you can replace the default kernel by rerunning the installer.


To test the kernel, do this:


1. Restart your system

2. At the boot screen, press a key to enter the boot prompt.

3. Type "mach_kernel.exec" and press Return.

4. Your system will now run with new patched kernel, mach_kernel.exec.

5. Please note: you will have to do these steps each time you want to use this kernel. (Until you replace your default one by running the installer and selecting "1".)




Please note that the installation script currently does not report errors. But you can look at the output and watch for error messages such as "mach_kernel: No such file or directory". The reason for these errors are usually either you're a) not in the MAXXUSS_E1 folder, or :( not operating as super-user (i.e. forgot to use "sudo").

How to Uninstall


* As in "How to Install", but select "r" (Restore) when asked.

* Note: you can also uninstall in single user mode (-s at boot prompt). To do this, you should copy the install.sh script to your harddrive. In single user mode, you must mount the boot volume as writable.


File Hashes (md5sum)

File: MD5:

mach_kernel C819371EF5148FCFFC5D7863AC03C830

Maxxuss-Exec_10.4.2-v0.1.iso A542D2EF106A9AD021C3BC0A76B99155"

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"Maxxuss Exec-10.4.2 Patch v0.1


available at these locations:


* ZIP Archive: ultrashare.net

* ZIP Archive: mytempdir.com

* ZIP Archive: rapidshare.de

Goog luck finding this patch. It doesn't seem to be out in the wild and even if you had the links to those locations above, it wouldn't help, because the files have long ago been deleted from those servers.

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Heh heh... it's true... but all he need is the name of the file and his good ole buddy Mr. Google. Perhaps sprinkle a few magic words like "torrent" and he might just find that tiny file. I was amazed when I could still get the 10.4.1 original Phenix file and the deadmoo file just last week.


EDIT: "maxxuss exec" will do the trick in Google. Go to the korean website.

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