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Newbie,Am I hackintosh Ready?


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Hello,I really want the looks of mac,also looking to switch mac from windows,just to try mac,but I am not sure if my system is capable to run mac(Hackintosh) or not,Here's my system spec..

Intel DH61WW classic series motherboard

Intel core i3 2100 3.10GHz

4GB of RAM

Currently I am using windows 7,but when I am trying to install snow leopard,the screen goes dark after showing some loading code.I am using ######,and successfully loaded the OS by pressing f5,if some other setting I need to do?

I have changed BIOS settings(SATA) to AHCI.What else I need to do?

Was trying to install retain snow leopard without any success..

Please help!!

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Hi baban4321 ! :)


welcome on InsanelyMac !


at first, like you're a newbie, i suggest you to read the forum rules, it's very important ! And for the ########## that you can see, read this and this !


After all that, i suggest you to abuse the search feature before open a topic !


You can see on OSx86 Wiki too, if your config is compatible with OS X !


Good luck






P.S: you need to pass the Quiz 2 if you want to become a full member !!! ;)

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