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Rolling back ACPI kexts

King John

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Hey everyone,


I've been installing OSX on my father's computer for Photoshop and the likes. So far the install's been really smooth, up until I installed Lion.


What I run into is that his Graphics card (A Nvidia GTX 550 Ti) causes a Begin PCI Configuration hang.


I've figured out that I need to replace two kexts dealing with ACPI. (Apple and the IO I believe)




However, I don't have the slightest idea on how to remove and replace the files from a 10.6.5 Vanilla SL DVD into my 10.7.4 install on my HDD.


If someone could give me a terminal command real quick for mounting the the partition "Apple OSX", replacing the ACPI kexts, and then any other necessary commands, it'd be much appreciated.


I believe the two files I need to replace are AppleACPIPlatform.kext and IOACPIFamily.kext

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Tried it. that bootflag doesn't work. At best, it gives me a black screen. I waited around for 3-5 minutes with no progress.


His CPU is a Core i5 2500K, so it shouldn't take 3 minutes tops.

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I'll try it


I just rolled back my two kexts mentioned previously. Still no difference as of yet, but I'll keep trying.


I don't think I rebuilt Extensions.mkext right though... the mkext builder is way too over my head.

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Don't use extensions.mkext on Lion, there is no need.


/Extra/Extensions is only used when booting into your Lion installer and of course on first boot of your main installation.


Afterwards you should use /System/Library/Extensions and set UseKernelCache=y in /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist.

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So you're saying I should place the 10.6.5 files in /Extra/Extensions?


What I'm going to do now is:


1. Reinstall 10.6.5 with a 3 parition scheme (40GB OSX, 8GB Installer, 80GB Windows 8)

2. Boot into it w/ TM's newest image (if you have any other bootloader disks, let me know which one's the best for you)

3. Run the Combo update without running multi.beast.

4. Boot into 10.6.8, download and install the installation files for 10.7.4

5. Boot into the installer

6. Install over 10.6.8

7. Boot into the 10.6.5 installer DVD.

8. Copy over a 10.6.8 IOACPIFamily.kext and an AppleAPCIPlatform.kext into /Extra/Extensions

9. After booting into 10.7.4, edit the /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist

10. Copy the files to /System/Library/Extensions

11. And Obviously do a chmod 755 name.kext and a chown root:wheel name.kext


Hopefully this works.

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