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Grub2 xnu_kernel


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Hi there,

I have change my old macbook 3,1 for a Sony vaio SVS13

I want to have a triple boot on this computer.

So i have fully format my hdd then put it in external usb slot and connect to a Macbook air to set up Mountain Lion.

Then i have put back the hdd to my Sony Laptop to set up Windows 7 pro X64.

Then after all i have set up Ubuntu 12.04 X64.

Ubuntu has detected Windows and Mac Os X so Grub 2 (in UEFI mode) has all the OS at the starting.


So my hard drive is like that


EFI | Macintosh HD | Microsoft Reserved | Windows 7 | Ubuntu.


The problem is that i can't boot Mac Os...

I have created a /Extra/Extensions with fakeSMC.kext inside


i have also a DSDT file in /Extra


I have try to edit the boot script in grub with xnu_kernel64 /mach_kernel boot-uuid=${uuid} rd=*uuid -x -v


but nothing...


Here is where i have found the info



The fact is I want to boot with Grub and not chainload with an other bootloader.

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