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Lapic Kernel Problems


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So I finally got OS X running on my HP Envy 6t. Seems that everything is working well, minus the trackpad which is super sensitive, but I'm not concerned at the moment. Here's what I've done. I converted my 32GB SSD Cache drive into a regular drive and install 10.7 on it. I had to use a "LegacyAppleAHCIPortIntelICHx.kext" to detect the hard drive. To get USB to work, I have to boot in 32-bit mode, USBBusFix, USBLegacyOff, and delete AppleHPET.kext. Boot is all working now minus one thing. I still have to use cpus=1 or I get a KP. So I found where people were saying that the lapic kernel was made to fix this on HP laptops, so I downloaded multiple versions of it and when I use it, I can get past the KP, but now I get a bunch of weird missing kernel strings like "__kernel__ missing attribute buff_atr.... etc" and I get a bunch of failed kext. I'm then greeted with the infamous "Still waiting for root device...". So... Can I fix this somehow or am I going to have to live with cpus=1? Also, I do not have a dsdt as I do not know how to make/patch one... Thanks!


Found the problem! Turns out I was using Darwin 11.3 instead of 11.4! Oops! Switching kernels solved the issue! Now if I could just get QE/CI working on my HD 3000...

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