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Installed 10.6.3 on Dell 1525, help to upgrade


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Ok, this is my first post and I've been doing a lot of reading and guides and upgrading info, but everytime I upgrade (trying to get to 10.6.8), something inevitably fails. So I thought I'd start over, get just my base system, then get some hints and tips about what avenue I should take.


My system:

Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop

Intel Core2Duo T7250 at 2.00GHz

2x2gb DDR2 RAM

Broadcom 9843x wifi (N and not stock card)

Intel 2gb Turbo Memory mPCIe

The dreaded X3100 graphics on a 965 chipset


SATA Seagate 750GB Momentus 7200RPM HDD


I seem to have QE/CI working (can open Front Row and Chess)

I have NOT placed a DSDT.aml file and am using the 'sleep trick' on boot up (I have a DSDT from when I tried this on 10.5.x 2 years ago.

I have done a pmset hibernatemode 0 to prevent sleep


I used iAtkos S3 v2 for the initial install, due to problems installing from SL DVD.

I used these Options on install:

Chameleon v2 RC5




/Extra Directory





USB patch

AHCI SATA driver

Voodoo PS/2

Voodoo Power

EVO Speedstep


Card Reader

TSC Sync

Intel EFI String

Natit (32 bit)

GMA X3100 with Frambuffer (32 bit)

Broadcom wireless


What I'm looking to gain from the forum:


About This Mac reports the CPU as 1.81GHz (even under load)

Sleep doesn't work

Want to get to 10.6.8


I am not HUGELY brilliant when it comes to OS X, but have played with Windows since 3.10, and am mainly doing this as a hobby and to play with programs like Aperture and Final Cut for photos/video of the family. I want to eventually get a MBP, but don't want to dish out 2Gs if the gains of photo/video aren't worth it.


I can post whatever screenshots, files (might need help finding them) or whatever other info needed for everyone to help. I've tried the ###### upgrade path, nocyzek and a couple others that I can't remember right off hand (can find them if needed).


What do you think, on a virgin system to get the best out of it? Should I go through upgrades individually (.4, .5, .6 etc) changing the sleep enabler and pmversion? Do I need to do anything special for my dsdt to make it 'more compatible' to the hardware I have (I had a base system when I put Leopard on it)? I'm an open book, up for suggestions...


Thanks everyone!!

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Delete-SleepEnabler,VoodooHDA(if use - get backup)

Backup kext(Later maybe needed)-Battery,Card Reader,Natit (32 bit),GMA X3100 with Frambuffer (32 bit),Broadcom wireless

Get software update from Apple :thumbsup_anim:

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the extra folder is always needed. copy and paste the kexts you want to backup to an another folder (ex. in desktop) then delete them from extra/extension folder or system/library/extension. after that use kext utility

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OK, thanks, one other thing. First reposter stated VooDooHDA if use get backup. Does that mean backup in same fashion or that I'll need an alternative? I do use voodoohda, just want to make sure it's compatible with .8.


I see the end of the 10.6.8 tunnel and it tastes like schnozberries!! Thanks!!

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I have the same configuration minus the bluray, followed this guide and my laptop is stuck in a black screen,i backed up the kexts to the desktop and rebooted after the update, (hope I didn't miss something...) What can I do to restore functionality? I'd also be interested in a 10.7 upgrade but am happy with 10.6.8. Thanks in advance!


Also, on a whim, I tried an external display, looks like I am getting a white screen


Update: Now I am getting the iAtkos screen but no icons or mouse, same thing happens in safe boot

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I can get it to boot in Single user mode too, and actually was able to get to the desktop for about 2 minutes with a wired mouse before it finally froze, I know I am close


Update: Ok, I have decided to reinstall 10.6.3, question can someone give me a step by step on the kext backup and deletion...at what point do i use kext utility? I know I am close...just need that one crucial step clarified...Thanks!

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