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Zenbook Prime DSDT Help


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Hi everyone,


This is my first hackintosh and I have been running ML for about two weeks now and basically I have been trying to get everything working but keeping S/L/E completely vanilla. Some of these problems Im having can be fixed but not without changing something in S/L/E..


So first... one big problem I'm running into is that if I dont remove AppleUSBXHCI.kext from IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/plugins every time I plug in a USB device the computer freezes. Is there a DSDT patch that will fix this?


Next, my computer doesn't sleep (and everyone is problably sick of hearing about people struggling with this) I have been reading and reading about all these methods for speedstepping but I must be too dumb to figure it out because nothing i try works. So can someone help me here?


Lastly here are some non-essential things i would like to get working without custom kexts. I cannot seem to get the battery percentage or a brightness slider up top on the screen unless I install a custom kext.. is there something i can change in the DSDT for this as well?(I have tried patches for the brightness slider but cant get them to work).. And also I cannot get everything working in Realtek ALC269 audio card without an AppleHDA kext.. but even then the microphone doesn't work..

the card reader, vga and hdmi out dont work as well but im not worried about them yet.


I would really appreciate any help/pointers.. I'm going to attach some DSDTs in a zip, the first one will be untouched, the second one is the one I unsuccessfully attempted my own patches on..


I guess I should mention my specs..

Asus UX31A

Core I5 3317U

HD4000 graphics

Realtek ALC 269 audio

I swapped my intel centrino wifi/BT card for Atheros arb195 wifi/bt card8


Thank you.


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