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  1. Yes i have tried that without any luck, mine works when I have a supported wifi card.. just the signal is terrible and I am not willing to run new antennas in my laptop. So i was wondering if there was a way to sign in using only USB internet devices...
  2. I'm still having this issue. Seems like I have tried everything. The only way to get the app store working is to swap out my internal wifi card. The problem with this is that my wifi card uses non-standard antennas. So either I have bad signal, or I have no app store. I cannot connect with USB ethernet or wifi. As stated above it is an ultrabook, so there is no onboard etherenet nic. Is there anyway to spoof an ethernet port and MAC address to get this to work?
  3. cyf i think your still better off, the problem with the usb wifi and usb ethernet is connecting to the app store. For some reason it just wont connect, I read somewhere that Apple uses the MAC address of your ethernet card or wifi card to verify your computer, so whenever I used the ethernet dongle or USB wifi I couldn't connect, but when I swapped wifi cards it worked fine...
  4. W.FL connectors weren't the right size, but close..THis website says its M.fl no w.fl http://www.wikidevi.com/wiki/Intel_Centrino_Advanced-N_6235
  5. CYF: has that wifi card come in yet? Just wondering how that one works, cause I bought some bluetooth headphones and want bluetooth back
  6. I might have to repatch apple HDA for the line in issue.. As for the VGA and HDMI out issue, i cant really help you further on that.. I've followed so many threads and enabled mine by endless trial and error and it still doesn't work right with certain adapters.. there is lots of info on the HD4000 floating around so you might have to do the same.. It enables the volume fn keys for me
  7. I didn't even know this had a line in I will look into it.. As for HDMI and VGa, are you using my DsDt? And are you injecting Hd4000 any other way?
  8. Ya I didn't even think about that. I just wanted to make sure they worked before recommending to you guys. But if your willing to risk it they said it takes 2-3 weeks for an order so I can add 2 more if you want. Anyone else? When they get here (Florida) I'll pass them along The thing I'm worried about is that the connector in our laptop does anyone know for sure it is in fact a W.FL pigtail? Edit: never mind they said the shipping date is the 11th a lot quicker than they originally said so probably too late to add to the order
  9. That is actually the company that is making the cables... I will post the kext once I locate it again.. Know its somewhere.
  10. They said they couldn't use W.Fl but informed me that ipex3 is the same. So it is an ipex3 male at one end and an ipex pigtail (supposedly same as u.fl) on the other. So I hope it works I will let you know.. Thomas: For sound after sleep use the mountain lion kext here I think it's the one I used.. http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1970-fix-for-audio-issue-after-sleep-in-alc269/page__pid__14335#entry14335 The alc 269 audio in our laptop is a little different than the standard one so I had to patch appleHda kext from scratch following one of that guys guides. I forget what node eapd is at so let me know if that doesn't work.. My audio works after sleep but like he states in that thread there are issues with the headphone jack. Does your ar3011 Bluetooth work after sleep? If not I found a kext that fixed that as well I can link it to you if you need
  11. Alright so I found someone to make the connectors if anyone is still interested. It is kinda expensive though $7 dollars each +shipping and handling. The shipping was $25 and the handling was $10 so the total was $49. Kinda funny that it cost more to ship it. I ordered two to test, should be here in about 3 weeks so I will test then. For now I get wifi all over my house with taped on connectors.
  12. Im not yet sure on price, so far the only company to get back to me wants me to order at least 50 of the.. so I'm going to look for another company and maybe find out how many people want them.. A speed test on the BCM card wont be very accurate yet since I have no antennas plugged into it
  13. The app store worked for me with both the atheros ar5b195 card i tried as well as a broadcom card. It was such a pain to get bluetooth working on that atheros card that I just eventually bought a BCM card with no bluetooth since I never used it. I havent had a chance to look at your DSDT yet since it finals time in school right now. But a lot of the guides I followed were written by the same guy and I just found out if you send him your DSDT he will work on it for you.. Look at this thread and see if he can help you: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1945-dsdtssdt-patching/ Sorry I cant help you further. Now for all of those people who want to replace your wifi cards but aren't good at soldering and dont have precise hands (like me) I have been in contact with a company to see if I can have a custom adapter made to convert the W.FL pigtail into a U.FL pigtail. It would be similar to this adapter (http://www.jefatech.com/product/UFLUFLEXT3/Pigtail-UFL-Male-to-UFL-Female---3-inches.html) except it would need to be a W.FL male on the one end. So if Im able to have this made, how many people would be interested? So I can further inform the company
  14. The guy who made the elan touchpad driver for v3 is now working on V4. so that is great news for us zenbook owners! check this thread for info and eventually the driver http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-osx/...: cyf i will try to look at your dsdt sometime this weekend so I will get back to you
  15. Are you sure that it is a W.FL connector that is in this laptop? I was thinking about maybe contacting a company like this: http://www.rfcoaxcable.com/rf_cables/w.fl_rf_cable/w.fl_rf_coaxial_cable_assembly.html to maybe custom build a cable that converts the W.FL pigtail into a U.FL pigtail. That way it saves us from taking apart the laptop further.. I am always nervous of taking apart the spine lol so looking at all possible options before resorting to this