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Atheros: Cisco AIR Card question (Works, but freezes)


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I've spent the past 6 hours modifying kexts and so on to get my Cisco AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 PC Card to work. I was wondering if someone had any ideas that I haven't tried. Here's the computer I am dealing with:


IBM ThinkPad T30

Intel Pentium 4


ATI 7500 Mobility

JaS OSx86 10.4.8 Installation


Now, don't get me wrong. For the age of this machine, 10.4.8 is a great choice in my opinion. Everything is working (including QE), except for the WiFi card. I've been modifying the IO80211Family kext for the most part, as it contains AirPortAtheros5424.kext. I've added the following under "IONameMatch" in "/System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortAtheros5424.kext/Contents/Info.plist":





I also changed the device location from en0 to en1 in "/Library/SystemConfiguration/networkinterfaces.plist" (as well as the integer from 0 to 1) so the device wouldn't get mistaken as my onboard LAN.


I also have "IOPCCardFamily.kext" and "IOPCIFamily.kext" loaded.


Now, upon reboot (and after repairing permissions on the volume), the system detects the device. It alerts me that a new AirPort device has been found, la da da. So when I go to configure it (click on the WiFi icon on the system bar), the whole machine freezes. It appears to only do this when it searches for networks, as it did that when I tried selecting a network in System Prefrences.


Any ideas what to do here? I'm trying to avoid buying anything (easy solution) to resolve this. I am thinking maybe downgrading to version 1.0 of this kext (I'm using 1.2, according to System Profiler) from 10.4.5 (This is when Atheros was officially supported, correct?) may help, but I have no copy of that specific kext and can't seem to find one.


Sorry for the bad grammar... it's 4:19AM over here and I'm tired! Many thanks!

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