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Recursive Operating Systems...

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Looking into emulators, it occurred to me... If a Lion (or SL or ML) could be a host like Oracle puts it, could you install a SL or Leopard program onto ML? (or Tiger?)


Could you work in a recursive environment to include apps that did not make the jump to newer code?


If that is not weird enough, how about hardware that didn't get new drivers? - in a recursive emulation environment of course.


Old sound cards, video cards, ide host cards, scsi etc...


Why not? CPU's are powerful enough right?

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Short answer is mostly yes. Funny I was chatting the other day about how people are trying to run ML on 32bit efi macs with GMA950 and jokingly suggested running Lion then running ML in a VM. Which in theory should work, but the performance limits and lack of ram wouldn't make it practical when there is no ML only must have app that would not run just as well natively in Lion. The only apps that would need an older version of OSX to run are PPC apps, which may be able to run on an Intel version of OSX that includes Rosetta, but iirc you need to be running server version of OSX to run Leopard, Snow Leo etc in VM. Hardware is another story, and would depend on the VM drivers available and not on OSX divers. So of the hardware doesn't work now, It probably won't under VM. Some that have only windows drivers may work by running windows virtually, which I've done for certain things like URC universal remote programing for example. Sometimes, where there's a will, there's a way, but is it worth it.

Great question btw, and I'm sure other peoples thoughts and experiences differ from my own, and would love to hear what others may have to say on the subject.

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