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Mac Skidder

Recursive Operating Systems...

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Looking into emulators, it occurred to me... If a Lion (or SL or ML) could be a host like Oracle puts it, could you install a SL or Leopard program onto ML? (or Tiger?)


Could you work in a recursive environment to include apps that did not make the jump to newer code?


If that is not weird enough, how about hardware that didn't get new drivers? - in a recursive emulation environment of course.


Old sound cards, video cards, ide host cards, scsi etc...


Why not? CPU's are powerful enough right?

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Short answer is mostly yes. Funny I was chatting the other day about how people are trying to run ML on 32bit efi macs with GMA950 and jokingly suggested running Lion then running ML in a VM. Which in theory should work, but the performance limits and lack of ram wouldn't make it practical when there is no ML only must have app that would not run just as well natively in Lion. The only apps that would need an older version of OSX to run are PPC apps, which may be able to run on an Intel version of OSX that includes Rosetta, but iirc you need to be running server version of OSX to run Leopard, Snow Leo etc in VM. Hardware is another story, and would depend on the VM drivers available and not on OSX divers. So of the hardware doesn't work now, It probably won't under VM. Some that have only windows drivers may work by running windows virtually, which I've done for certain things like URC universal remote programing for example. Sometimes, where there's a will, there's a way, but is it worth it.

Great question btw, and I'm sure other peoples thoughts and experiences differ from my own, and would love to hear what others may have to say on the subject.

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    • By whale97
      First time posting here (yay welcome me)
      Okay, So I have decided to emulate iATKOS in virtualbox (by sun) but something is not working for me.
      Attached will be a photo of whats going on.
      My PC Specs:
      Win7 Home Premium 32Bit
      1GB Ram
      40GB HDD
      VM Specs:
      20GB HDD
      Around 400-506MB Ram (Varying often)
      128MB Graphics with 3D acceleration
      FreeBSD System.
      Any help appreciated
      By the way its iATKOS v7

    • By Mr.D.
      I havent seen many threads dedicated to Oracle's VirtualBox program. I talked to a mod about creating this thread for my Work In Progress (WIP) in trying to get Snow Leopard running in a Virtual Machine environment. I have personal requirements that prevent me from using bootcamp or any other dual boot configuration, so the only way for me to get OS X running on my machine is to put it in a virtual machine. Oracle's product has gotten some pretty good reviews, and the best part about it is it's FREE!
      So this thread will be about my progress getting SL to run in OracleVB. For a look at the system that I'm putting it on, check this thread out.
      I downloaded VB, and this is tricky because it is CONSTANTLY being updated. My recommendation (and others that I have seen here and other forums) is to stick with whichever release you downloaded. Do NOT try to update after you have the VM running. From what I have read and what others have told me, its enough of a pain in the ass getting it to work in a VM, much less getting it to work in a VM that is constantly changing.

      When setting up VB, there are a few things you need to do:
      You select OS X server as an operating system type when creating a new virtual machine (I chose 64 bit because my processor is 64 bit)

      Choose a base memory of at least a Gigabyte. Some threads say you can get away with less - but if you are running VB on a machine with limited RAM resources, you may need to rethink that path that you are taking.
      Create the new virtual hard disk, and if you are not planning on importing an image from another VM vendor, then you can use the VDI option. Dynamically allocated is fine (or so I've been told) and the recommended size is 20GB. Again with regards to resources - if you are worried about space requirements, this project may not be for you.
      Once the VM is created, a few tweaks need to be done to that machine:
      In the system settings, de-select the Enable EFI option

      If you are going to use an .iso for your bootloader, you need to select the path to that for your image. I have redacted my .iso from the image because I am testing various Chameleon boot loaders at the moment, and I in no way want to endorse one over another.

      The rest of the settings are fine for now - you can always tweak them at a later time, but this gets you to the starting point.
      And this is where I am stuck - hence the reason why I am trying different boot loaders. I am currently testing one specifically for Snow Leopard that is quite handy, in that it doesn't require me to change out the disc midway thru the boot-up.
      The error that I have run into - ebios read error: media error block: #x### - has been explained on various forums as a media fail error and a disc read error. Both are brand new in my case, and I have enlisted the help of a fellow InsanelyMac user that has far more experience with VB than I have to assist me. He suggested its an issue with the .iso and gave me some suggestions to try. I'll be doing this shortly, and I will post my next update to this *WIP* page then.
      Thanks for reading - hope this helps others in some way. If you find an error on this page, or a better way to do something - please chime in and I'll adjust my posts accordingly. Please also be aware that since this is a Work In Progress page, you may have to keep reading down the page to find a fix to something that I did wrong previously. Once I get the whole thing ironed out, I'll make sure all the info is correct - maybe in a summary page or as a separate [how to] thread. For now - enjoy following along as I trip and stumble my way thru this experiment!