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ATi HD5770 10.8.1 Triple Screen Issues

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Dear forum users,


I'm having issues getting my three screens to work under my new Mountain Lion installation. I have a Sapphire HD5770 Crossfire setup.

My screens are connected using DVI, HDMI and a certified active DP->DVI adapter to the first HD5770 card.


Booting with GraphicsEnabler=No gives me three screens but no QI/CE



Booting with GraphicsEnabler=Yes gives me only 2 screens, the HDMI screen goes idle but the DVD app works.



How do I get QE/CI working while having three screens? Now I have three screens or QE/CI. Both is the goal.


Thanks for the help!


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I've tried connecting my screens with DVI, DVI and DP->DVI already.


Also tried adding a device properties string in the chameleon boot plist like this using the hex string from my network card.post-144453-13461414372078_thumb.jpg


Didnt work either. In verbose mode I can see that I'm using the Vervet frame buffer.

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5870 eyefinity 6 here, with 3x mini-DP monitors (apple 24 LEDs).


Same issue -- with 10.7.x, all 3 displays worked with QE/CI using GraphicsEnabler=yes. Now, only 2 work. I'm about to try with GE=no to see if it at least makes all 3 monitors work...


FWIW, IORegistryExplorer shows that the framebuffer personality has loaded correctly when using GE=yes. (In my case, it's Zonalis.)


Booting with GE=no is weird. The system thinks it recognizes all 3 monitors, but in reality, only two of the three screens actually show an image. I've tried changing the ports, and it always leads the the same result. :(

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I fixed mine, maybe this helps for you too.


I reconnected 1 screen at a time with reboots in between now using DVI,DVI and DP->DVI. GE=Yes with AtiConfig=Vervet gives me 3 screens now. 10.7 required the hdmi port, 10.8 thinks 2x DVI is the way to go.


Maybe in your case try using different DP sockets and fiddle until you find the right combination. It wasn't the framebuffer or GE, it's the ports used to connect the screens in my case.

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You need to inject your GPU into your DSDT to get it to work. Read my guide here:




Another question: in your sys profiler, in the "PCI Cards" section, do you see your card listed? b/c I don't. :(


this post seems to say that it should show up if initialized properly.


Not true. That is cosmetic and I hate people who post false information. For nvidia injection read my guide here:



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