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[Sell] Custom made G5 laser mATX back panels


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I have a batch of G5 rear panel kits.


The kits comprise: 1 a laser cut backplate made from 1.5mm aluminium; a dark grey acrylic plate for the I/O slot; screws and fixings.


These are incorporated in in-house case conversions from the laser hive, but are also ideal for diy conversions as they are contoured to fit the G5 and they re-use G5 fan mounts and PCI slots.


The brushed aluminium back panels fit to holes that are already present in the G5 perforations. They re-position the G5 92 mm fan mounts off centre to let you re-use them.


The rectangular I/O slot has a laser cut acrylic plate that attaches via a pair of standoff posts to the G5 fan mount which is simply modified via a supplied template to allow you to accurately trim and drill the grey tab of the fan mounting. The whole fan mount then fixes to the aluminium backplate using the original mounting screws.


Full instructions are provided with each kit. Because the PCI slots are retained, you can use the original G5 standoffs which can simply be knocked out of their original positions and JB welded to new mATX positions.


The advantages to this new kit are:



1. The back is left as “open” as possible to retain the great airflow characteristics of the G5.


2. The conversion features repositioning of the original fan mountings to allow you to either keep the original fans or to mount new 92mm fans in the original housing.


3. The original PCI slots are retained, so there is no awkward cutting out of the original slots and grafting on of new ones – it keeps the original plastic sleeve around them too for a neat finish.


4. The mount holes line up with where there are already perforations in the original case so you can use m3 screws and nuts (can be supplied as part of your order) to fit all in place.


5. No need for you to cut a universal type backplate to trim to size.


6. If your own cuts to the G5 case aren’t neat the backplate will cover them up!


7. Because you re-use the original PCI slots, you can re-use the original standoffs too – just knock them out, attach them to your motherboard, get the JB weld (or strong 2 -part epoxy) out and glue the standoffs where they need to be. Let everything set over night and the next day all should be strong enough and good to go.


If you don’t like the idea of re-using your existing standoffs a motherboard tray can be bought that fits around some of the original standoff locations – so you get everything in the right place.


The price? In the UK each kit is £40 (no VAT to be added), to Europe €50 for the US $60. (Shipping to the US is $15, to the UK £5 and europe $10).


I only have 10 of these in the first run. However, more runs on the way.....


For more details please contact info@thelaserhive.com or visit the website: www.thelaserhive.com





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