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Sound Issues in SL 10.6.8


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Hi All,


I am a new member , I am not sure if posts about AMD based hackintosh are allowed in this forum and if not than I apologize and request the Mod to remove this post.



My Config :


AMD Phenom 960T


HD 6750 & HD 5450 (5450 works perfectly but not the 6750)

Gigabyte 880GM-USB 3.1

SL 10.6.8


My problem is the ALC889 on board sound card , If I use Azalia it works but a lot crackle , so I installed VoodooHDA 2.7.4 everything shows up in the system preferences Like line-out green but no sound , than I tried VoodooHDA 2.7.3 sound works but sometimes crackles so I changed the settings in Audio midi to the lowest value with 2 channel 16 bit still at times it crackles. I have tried ###### 3.1 and 4.6 but they don't work.


I also have a Creative sound blaster 5.1 VX in the PCI slot is there a way I could use it.


I apologize again if mentions of AMD hackintosh is not allowed.

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