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  1. Mavericks 10.9.2 released

    Hi Andy, After updating to 10.9.2 i get X64 exception errors. Can you help ?
  2. After updating to 10.9.2 and inserting the needed kexts I get x64 Exception error. AMD fx 6300 using Andys R9 Kernel. Hence back to 10.9
  3. Clover General discussion

    Hi Slice yes . I have tried "-f" but no luck. It was working properly. BTW I wanted to ask this. My laptop has a InsydeH20 Bios Ver 3.6 (Toshiba Satellite L755) . If I am correct that BIOS is legacy . but I have tried UEFI too and I get the same Flow_diver problem even there, so does it mean that I can use UEFI i.e. when clover does work properly for me.
  4. Clover General discussion

    Can anyone help ?, clover gets stuck at flow_divert_fctr , it was working before.
  5. Ozmosis

    Yes i have done just that. thanks.
  6. Ozmosis

    Well I have not edited the dsdt as I don't know how to. Nor I have tested it with any boot loader But I can try with Clover as it is already installed on that system. Well if it is not needed than i can yes skip it. and when I get a board which has a UEFI capable bios then i can use it.
  7. Ozmosis

    Alright that would be ok. So should I flash it ?
  8. Ozmosis

    Ah alright , is it due to that Award BIOS that is won't work ? or is it due to the AMD ? And what was the Awardtool thing you told me about ? what would that have achieve ?
  9. Ozmosis

    I wanted to use OZmosis , I have Mavericks installed on the Desktop with an AMD FX 6300.
  10. Ozmosis

    LOL ok but how to edit the new_dsdt which app ? and what changes I should be making in that is what I don't know, And yes it has created a bios file which i guess can be flashed by using the bios flasher from gigabyte
  11. Ozmosis

    What ? but there is not dsdt for an AMD Motherboard. And what do you mean by I can replace the dsdt in the BIOS ? I only have a DSDT which i extracted with DPCIManager but then again it would need patching and there are non for an AMD. But let me try the award tool. I did something and it came with popups that you can edit the dsdt and acpi files and it also created the bios flie. Now what do I do ? do Insert this in the BIOS I honestly don't know how to edit the dsdt and those two ACPI files
  12. Ozmosis

    Hey did you mean by saying that it will not work on motherboard because mmtool does not allow the bios file to be loaded ? as thats what is happening. And Definitely my board is UEFI as I boot Mavericks with UEFI. The is my board ga880gm-usb 3 rev 3.1 (the BIOS is FFe currently in Beta in almost 1 year and I doubt they make a final BIOS for it. But i can try the lower version BIOS).
  13. Ozmosis

    I downloaded my Gigabyte BIOS file version FFe (AMD Board) and try to load the BIOS image in MMtool but it is not allowing . I really I could this working it would be awesome.
  14. Ozmosis

    how sir ?
  15. Ozmosis

    That board is UEFI capable , i use clover UEFI Its Hybrid UEFI support Dual Bios.