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Problem with 85262 NIC


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Hi guys.


EDIT: Wrong titel! It's a 82562


I have a pretty bad problem with my Mac OS X 10.6.3 installation. My hardware is a HP 530 Notebook which I would like to use as a file server for both my Macs.

After hours (days?) trying to install Snow Leopard I finally found MyHack which worked pretty well. Problem is that the ethernet, WiFi and audio doesn't work. For this computer I only need the ethernet so I don't care much about WiFi and audio.


System Info.app shows me that my NIC is a 82562ET/EZ/GT/GZ PRO/100 VE

Ven ID: 8086

Dev ID: 1068


After trying many kexts, editing them, restarting the computer many, many times it finally worked. I could connect to my network and everything was fine. I unplugged the monitor and used Screen Sharing to access the computer.


BUT: I was so overly excited that stupid me decided to instantly upgrade to 10.6.8 - which i knew was stupid. And of course the ethernet didn't work anymore. So I reinstalled Mac OS X 10.6.3 again, tried all the kexts (again: hours and hours) but still nothing. No ethernet.


Now I upgraded to 10.6.5 and while starting up the computer in verbose mode it shows the following:


venderid: 0x8086 deviceid: 0x1068.
DSMOS has arrived
ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService
Intel82566MM info: PHY reset is blocked due to SOL/IDER session.

venderid: 0x8086 deviceid: 0x1068.
Intel82566MM info: PHY reset is blocked due to SOL/IDER session.


Any ideas how to fix this and get the ethernet running?


Any help is much appreciated!

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