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Install Mac on my Laptop - Asus k55vm


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Hey there.


I want to install Mac OS on my new laptop I bought a month ago. So I will give you most of its specs to tell me if it will work, or not.


I'll first mention that I work as a computer technician and I am a software developer (dot net), and also a frond+back end developer,

so I can insure you I'll understand at least most of the things you'll say!


So anyway, my laptop model is Asus K55vm with Intel i7 3610QM (IvyBridge)

Here are some screenshots of its specifications:







My graphic cards are:

1. the basic Intel Graphics 4000 (2 Gb)

2. Nvidia GeForce 630M (2 Gb)



I read the "HELP I'M A NOOB!" (lol) thread, so I'am aware of the minimum SSE requirement, but base on its specs I have it.


One very important thing - All these Mac versions ...... I'm so confused.

I don't know what to install - can you help me decide, based on my pc specs?


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards


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I see no reason why not, best way is to drop the HDD out and stick a different one it (or swap your cd for a hdd if you don't need it) and get OS X up running and stable before you try to put it on your main drive.


If you have access to a mac the vanilla way is usually regarded as the best, my guide is in my sig but theres many others out there if you don't have access to a mac I believe you'll struggle due to the ivy bridge chip and the latest distros only being lion

(ivy bridge support only comes in in later Lion / Mountain Lion versions).

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That just says you have wifi and ethernet, details as in chipset for each along with vendor ID and device ID for each. Not that we want to turn this into a support thread, but that's the info you'll need available to get it working or check compatibility.

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1. You mainly mention this because I might lose all of my data? or there is another reason for that?

2. Thanks, I'll check your guide


Because a lot of people new to the scene (including myself some time ago) wish to change their main OS over to OS X straight away but it often takes a while to learn how to make everything work properly and may not be stable to start with.

For example my laptop would panic once every few days - I sorted it eventually but initially I kept re-formatting my HDD back to windows because I needed the laptop to work; or maybe wi-fi isn't compatible so you have to wait for a new card coming - you get the idea.. Unless, of course, you plan on setting a dual boot up or your lucky and everything works straight away...


Also if you like the idea of having a laptop with 2 hdd's it makes life easy when updating / reinstalling each OS - not necessary but simpler.


Given your computing / IT background I would hope you are sensible enough to make a backup before you started.

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