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help boot my dual boot planned laptop

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hello guys

I need your help for making my systems boot with chameleon loader

I have this laptop samsung 300e4a-s0esa

core i5-2450m , 6gb ram ddr3 1333 , 1tb guid hdd , nvidia 520mx , ps2 mouse (trackpad) and keyboard

anyway I had successfully installed mac os x mountain lion gm 10.8 on both my usb hdd disk (for testing)and my internal hdd

I planned to do a triple boot system windows 7 , windows 8 , mac os x ml so I did the following

I installed windows 7 on first partition and booted fine on the guid disk

I installed another windows 7 ultimate on the second partition and dual booted fine no problems

I installed mac os x with no problems

I shutdown pc then cold booted to usb disk then did boot into mac os x from hdd and installed chameleon svn v2.1 v2044 and then restarted my machine to be greeted by windows boot loader !!!!!

I already redid partition my hdd three times from mac os x and then I reinstalled everything and no boot from chameleon only windows boot loader

I need to know how to install chameleon on guid to boot from it otherwise I would reconsider mbr


notes : the mac os x on usb hdd booted with chameleon when it was with MBR attributes active

now I am simulating my internal hdd on it so I repartitioned it guid and chose 2 partitions then I installed mac os x on the first partition and when booted with the usb installer to get into desktop I installed chameleon on it (same version) , shutdown and the cold booted again with the hdd only attached to the computer but chameleon didn't boot !!!!

i am stuck at this point since last saturday

help please

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