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The VMWare Workstation 9 Delemma

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As you all might or might not have seen VMware Workstation 9 and Fusion 5 is out...


More than likely to server the Windows 8 and Server 2012 crowd, and hopefully give a little love to Ubuntu 12.04 ( Much needed)


But my Shiny new 10.8 ML VM has slowed down to a crawl, and graphics is gone....


What a sad day.....


Any one have an idea, or how can I update the unlocker?

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Upgrade Hardware to 9.0?


Will have a look now... How did you go about it ( Might help other people too?)


* Found it, Under the Power on VM Machine settings there is a new option to Update Hardware Compatability to version 9...


Running it now ( And cloning VM just in case) :)

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I will be installing Workstation 9 sometime tomorrow if/when I get a chance, and will be reporting on how my SL, Lion, and ML VMs function. Mean while, I'm wondering if anyone has tested already in WS9. I also assume that it's based on the same code as the Tech Preview, right? And thus, FakeSMC will no longer be needed for Lion/ML, and that they work -clean- now, is this correct? Thanks.

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Hi szr,

I upgraded from VMWare Player 4 to 5.0. Had no problem with the unlocker.

Also installed vmware-tools from Fusion 5 to be consistent.


I found that performance was much worse and rolled back:

- graphics are sluggish, whether with VMSvga2 or Gfx

- sound was stuttering much worse, whether with hdaudio or ensoniq. Tried playing around with usual settings but did not manage to reach an acceptable state.


My VM runs Lion 10.7.4.

Looking forward to your results as-well.

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