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[WORKING] ATI Radeon HD6370M on Mountain Lion (QE/CI)


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I've seen many people on the internet asking if this laptop card would work on an Hackintosh installation. In theory, this card *must* work beacause is just a HD 5470 rebranded, and we know that this card works even with 10.8 vanilla kexts.

In practice, well, it's the same thing.


First of all, a BIG thanks to K52JR hackintosh project guys http://code.google.c...2jr-hackintosh/ who helped me to install an original Mountain Lion on my Asus K52JU laptop, which is the same model, except an U insted of a R and a HD 6370M instead a HD 5470.


Basically you have just to add 0x68E41002 to PCIMatch in your vanilla AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext (beware, search first for "Cedar" cards section) and ATI5000Controller.kext.

Then you must use an exact display override by finding your screen EDID (if you own a K52JU like me, you can use my override in attachments to avoid the hassle)

and restart the PC with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and AtiConfig=Hoolock. First time the screen will show scrambled, so plug a VGA screen in your laptop and select a proper resolution. You are done.


If you never did some kext patching, EDID editing and similar stuff, first read this


and this



If you cant find a proper resolution, first install SwithchResX and create a custom resolution and refresh rate for your screen while you are under GraphicsEnabler=No.



I advise you to use the -v option every time you boot.


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Hi! pattern23, I'm Asus K52JU owner too, and I'm trying to install Mountain Lion on it (for a whole week). So can you describe how to install Mountain Lion Retail on this laptop in details? I still can't make Radeon 6370m work.

P.S. Sorry for my English :(, I'm from Ukraine.

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I just finished the installation as well, feel free to PM me with any questions.


Most importantly, you need to put all the kexts from the S_L_E directory in the ZIP found on the K52JR website mentioned above (pack PRE_10.8_01.zip) into your installation disk's /System/Library/Extensions. Also, you have to patch the ATI5000Controller.kext before you start the installation as well (we're talking about the Mountain Lion installation partition here). After the installation, before booting the system, you have to repeat this step, copying the relevant kexts into the newly installed system's /System/Library/Extensions. Also, don't install VoodooHDA until you've got everything else settled down - from my experience, it's VERY sensitive to other kexts being installed propely etc.

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I will follow the steps of your guide and let you know.. My boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes stops at the frame buffer loading.. 

I added  0x68E41002 to PCIMatch in my vanilla AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext and ATI5000 kext, before injecting an EDID I have a question:

I get stuck where it says

ATI card POSTed, reading VBIOS from legacy space

(AtiConfig) Framebuffer set to: Hoolock

Nr of ports set to frame buffer's default: 3


And it stops.....

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