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Had my hackintosh laptop working great until...

Jerry AG

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Greetings, I guess I am new to this forum but I have been playing with OS X on the xx86 platform for some time now, I have built one from the ground up by studying the origional build using the motherboard called for as well as the video and so forth, it still works OK however I had to use a USB sound card to get sound out of it.


At any rate, I recently installed osx86 on a Dell Inspiron 6400 that I picked up for cheap after fixing some computers for the local Ambulance service. I have it duel booting Vista/Snow Leopard. It worked great until last week when I upgraded my router to wireless N and also upgraded both my Acer Aspire netbook and this unit to wireless N cards. I picked up an intel mini pci card, that said it was N but never could get improved speed in Vista and my Mac side wouldn't see the card, so I ordered an updated broadcom card as that was what came with this machine. Saddly OS X will see the card but does not identify it, and I can't get it working either.


Anyone have any suggestions? The card is a bcm94321mcp1 out of an old HP I guess as it has the compaq/hp replace with spare sticker on it. I do get higher speed connection with Vista and since I move a lot of files over he network this is a huge plus, in fact I get well over the 100 that I got wired. So I really don't wish to go back to the old card just to get my OS X side on, in fact I thought about just upgrading this unit to Windows 7/8 duel boot instead but I do so love os X, in fact I do have a mac desktop and had to part out my old g4 after it took a header off the coffee table when my grandson ran past it playing like a race car...

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