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[HELP] Bootloader Scrued after Linux Install

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I need your help, today I have installed Ubuntu (a Linux distro) in a pourpouse made partion. Unfortuantelly Ubuntu screwed the cameleon boodloader that I have used so far and put is own bootloader that only boots Ubuntu and not Lion which is in an other partition.


To sort the problem I have got rid off of Ubuntu but to start up lion the only way is to use a start up disk that I had somewhere from when I have installed Lion the first time.


I have tried reinstalling cameleon, I have used the tonymacx86 ###### cd but none of them seems to work, do you have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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here in this forum no support for tonymac software :thumbsdown_anim: , find for support in your forum, and read the rules of Insanelymac :police:

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Apart the polemics on tools that I have sourced from other forums is there anyone willing to share some knowledge on how to restore the chameleon funcionality on my computer?

any help is very much appreciated, thanks in advance

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Bootloader problem sorted doing a manual installation of cameleon that has remvoed grub (the linux boot loader). If anyone had windows this could have been done as well with the windows install cd doing a repair install.

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