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UseKernelCache=Yes or NO - how is your system set up?



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  1. 1. Do you use kernel cache to speed up bootup in Lion/Mountain Lion?

    • I'm using UseKernelCache=Yes
    • I still like to have my kexts in /Extra/Extensions (UseKernelCache=No)

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I'm wondering how you guys have set up your system regarding the use of kernel cache.


So, do you move your kexts to /S/L/E for a faster booting system, or do you still keep your kexts in /Extra/Extensions because of simplicity and clarity?


What I also wonder, is if there's a way around copying the kexts to /S/L/E? Is someone working on a workaround, or could you perhaps mirror or link the /Extra/Extensions contents to /S/L/E?


Just throwing around some thought here, you're sure to have better ideas and opinions on this.


For those of you that are baffled by what I'm talking about, read this post on the matter:


Lion slow boot & new kextcache mechanism

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