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Problems with 10.4.6 DVD install...


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I have successfully got Mac OS X 10.4.1 onto a couple of laptops and all working fine...except no iTunes etc because the only patches I can find for SSE2 processors are for later versions...


So, I'm trying to use the patched DVD of 10.4.6 and it boots into darwin, then I get the grey screen with the Apple logo...then it goes light blue and that's it. The screen just stays light blue and nothing happens. I've waited AGES and still nothing...


I am running it on a Dell laptop with WinXP on the first partition, Mac OS X 10.4.1 on the second and SuSe 10.1 on the third.


Wont Darwin just allow me to select the second partition to load the DVD installer onto?


I have Acronis boot loader too, as GRUB wasnt happy once I added OSX :/


And Acronis is working fine...


any ideas where I'm going wrong here?


Thanks in advance!

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OK, I've installed it, I came back and it had booted to the DVD again, so I rebooted and when I select the OSX partition in Acronis boot loader it just comes up with a blinking cursor line at the top left of the screen... :o(

I think maybe i shouldve booted from the screen t was at ... does it reboot during the install?

I'm sure I've heard something about this problem, I'll do a search....! But if you got any ideas - let me know pls!



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