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Any chance to avoid CamTwist to "activate" webcam?


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I understand that CamTwist should be needed when webcam native resolution is different from an iSight (any of its revision).

Original webcam of Lenovo B570 (058F:A006) has a crappy 320x240 resolution (:-O).


Even with CamTwist, I wasn't able to make it work in Skype.


I found an easy way: I buy on eBay webcam of a similar Lenovo laptop and a higher resolution. I have bought a webcam for G575 (5986:0292) for $ 19 and work natively without CamTwist or AnyiSightCam.kext.


You have just to pay attention that webcam has the same form factor and same connector.


Removing the bezel is super easy, enjoy your DIY! :-)

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