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HFS+ issue Athlon64 3000+ on brand new HDD

Chris Lockheart

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Hey guys!


Guess what? Another one experiencing the HSF+ partitition error.



So, my system is as follows:

Athlon64 3000+


1024MB RAM (generic :P )

nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200

2x 80 IDE HDD


I had one spare HDD, so I'm using it entirely for OSX


I'm trying the deadmoo's .img


I dded the .img file. Tryed with skip, without skip, and every other method of dd i've found around there, but can't seem to get rid of the HFS+ error. I formated the drive as AF... and still, nothing :P


Although I'm a Windows XP power user, I'm not too familiar with *nixes, though I've used Conectiva, Knopixx, RedHat and Kubuntu for quite a while, I'm not experienced with console commands (maybe some old DOS 5 commands :P )


Well, I apreciate any help...


I'll also try and install it tonight on me home PC, though I'm not sure I'll be able to do it (guess I've only got 5GB free :blush: )... My home PC is a P4 HT 3.0 socket 9somehting (hmmm, can't seem to ever remember these socket numbers...)... guess it has SS3, but i'm not sure, have to check it... ATI x700 card, 1024mb ram...


I'm also downloading a DVD install iso to try that one...



Thanks in advance


See ya!!

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