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GA-Z77-D3H DSDT for 10.8


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I have created a DSDT.aml to get the audio on the GA-Z77-D3H working under 10.8 using a patched APPLEHDA.kext. For more info on this visit this threat:


The DSDT is based on bios version F11 and so far I have only done the following:

- added Method (DTGP, 5, NotSerialized)

- added/modified HDEF

- fixed other small errors


This threat is to optimise and improve the DSDT even further, hopefully to bring full audio functionality to the GA-Z77-D3H


EDIT: DSDT for F14 added



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Install this DSDT in your extra folder then restart and post a IOreg from the IOreg app so I can finish the edits.


Thanks for the help but sorry, don't quite understand, finish the edits for what? The sound? Isn't that a layout.xml issue?


I have a fully working DSDT for this motherboard with HDMI audio, sleep, etc. Sound works with a patched APPLEHDA.kext plus VIA2021.kext but only stereo.

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Hey Guys


just a question..


Heres my pc specs


GA-Z77-D3h (Bios Ver 19g)

i7 3770k

4gb Ram

nvidia GTX570


Will i need a custom DSDT? or will i be fine with my current Hardware?



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