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Installation = Hope? Or not?


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Surely we all understand the reason why OSx86 won't be an attainable dream for some and quite an easy one for others:


Apple has very limited hardware which it supports; thus while using a PLETHORA of PC hardware only a small fraction of configurations will work properly.


That being said, when and for what can someone have hopes for regarding their own success?


If you try to install Windows on a machine which is too old, it tells you.


Linux can be installed on almost any hardware these days (different distros will vary).


OSX has system requirements like anyone else.


Normally, system requirements are limited to 5-6 things:


1) cpu speed

2) ram

3) Hdd

4) installation hardware (i.e. optical drive/floppy drive (oh christ remember those days LOL))

5) video display

6) input device


Now most people will have 4,5, and 6 even if not with full features or functioning without additional drivers.


Really it comes down to 1,2, and 3 being key to success.


If someone can burn a SOLID copy of an installation CD/DVD with patches, reboot and install...


What are the odds then afterwards someone can tweak their installation (native, VMware, or using boot cd/dvd) to working order? 50% (probability) 100% (ideal odds) or something more finite like 22.5% (relative odds to each person's configuration)?


We know that results will vary and nothing will run better than a true MAC machine with a legit OS install.


Gurus...lay the hard facts on us and let us know what we are hoping for and how more we may have to hope... :(

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