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Areca 1213-4i read issues


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Hey guys, I have an Areca 1213-4i going in my SR-2 build. Running ML 10.8


Disks are 4 x 2TB WD black in RAID 5.


Noticing a lack of read perofrmance in both AJA system test and Blackmagic disk speed tests.


Write speeds are up near 400MB/s but struggling to break 190MB/s read. This is testing with write cache disabled so no false speed increases. Areca drivers and http GUI causing troubles so the cards is only configurable from the BIOS.


The exact same HDDs were getting even and consistent read and write speeds of 360MB/s when set up in my 2,1 mac pro with ATTO R348. That card was not working in this new machine when we tried it and could possibly have been damaged in the move. I had to purchase another card, this Areca 1213-4i.


Any suggestions for setting it up for more even performance between read/write??


I mainly edit uncompressed HD video files so read speeds are more important for me.


Thanks for any ideas!


Best regards,


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Just to update:

Replaced faulty HDD, performance back to normal.


One thing to note, Blackmagic Disk Speed test is not a great benchmark for this Areca card.

The maximum file transfer size is 5GB, at this point the write speeds are still really high due to ram cache, and the read speeds have not hit their peak.


Results were around 500+ MB/s write and under 300MB/s read.


Aja system test is more accurate, transferring 16GB levels out to be about 390MB/s for both read and write.

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